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Planet Fitness


so I realize I am new to this but really...??? Maybe we all should buy these and add to them the following statements " including your non-judgemental fat ass" or would that be to unkind?

WE didn't make you pick up that 1 pound meat burger and shove it down your throat...
so dont judge us for being able to do so and make it look good while kickin back with our six pack.....


Dude the Planet Fitness thing has been done to death...

But yes, they suck.


Honestly though, any serious lifter wouldn't pick Planet Fitness as their gym UNLESS they had no other/better choice.

Those commercials appeal to their target audience who are so self conscious that they do feel intimidated by someone of that size.

Personally, those commercials give me a chuckle and I roll my eyes ... they do perpetuate a stereotype of the "meathead" but sometimes that stereotype can be more of an asset than a hinderance ... I'm know a few guys here are big AND smart and I'm sure that impresses people more than being one or the other.


As much as I hate them, you have to admit that the maketing is genius.

The one that's close to my parents' is ALWAYS packed.


How about that ShakeWeight huh? What's up with that?!


Man, that Richard Simmons was fit. What ever happened to him?


Bro, what about those Xenadrine commercials.. how many friends does Ronnie have?


Thanks for posting this. Can you tell me more about this Planet Fitness place? Are there lots of bodybuilders there?


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The fatties luv them some pizza and jellybean night.


them are dirt cheap too, like $10/month or smth like that, so I'm not surprised they are busy.


I love planet fitness. It's no longer ridiculously crowded in my gym in January.