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Planet Fitness Visit


My apologies if this is a repost


LOL nice one


I like


Did the guy call the other guy a Deutschmark at 0:49??


"you shmuck" lol


LOLOLOL @ "But I don't have HIV." Hilarious.


Someone posted something similar to this over on an EliteFTS article so I'll rephrase it, cause it was awesome, PF is pretty evil, in a sort of... makes tons of fucking money kind of way. I despise everything they do and it pains me that anyone can call it a gym. But there's a reason they're spreading like an STD through a freshman girls' dorm.

And I wish I owned a dozen of them. No one uses your equipment (most don't even show up), you can hire anyone off the street practically and call them a "trainer" as long as they look like a limp wristed pussy, you single out people who work hard and make them the enemy and you charge such a low rate that people forget to ever cancel their member despite the fact that they haven't been in years. It's a money machine.

Evil geniuses.


why the shit does this video have that stupid music in the background? Also... whats up with the stupid accents in the vid? Nothing is ever funny in a british accent




Except Monty Python...and Ricky Gervais..and Top Gear...