Planet Fitness Meltdown Video


She probably told him he couldnt curl that much weight because it made the other members self conscious. I’ve never been to one but I heard that not only do they sell all types of sodas… but they dont sell protein shakes! WTF

Help me out here bro. What’s going on here? Planet Fitness Meltdown Video?

Also, I used to work in World Gym, then became planet fitness. Sucks that they sold out to people’s egg-shell ego’s. But anyhow, what happened?

Video messed up!

I fail to see the roid rage in question. If someone startled me with a loud alarm in the middle of a workout, I doubt I’d be as calm as that guy was.

Fucking Planet Fitness. Shit’s rediculous.


haha, I wonder if that’s even the worst reaction that has resulted from a lunk alarm

repost and fake

Looks real to me.

Wow, I had no idea Lunk Alarms were real things. That’s the dumbest thing ever. I’m so glad I workout at home so I can throw stuff if I want.

panet fitness?!?! i went their once with my friend and all they have are fucking treadmills and machines for cardio and weights, o and they have 1 smith machine, NO FUCKING benches or squat racks, i think it is a perfect place for . . . . . . non T-Nation folks

That doesn’t happen regularly where you guys lift?

Yinz ain’t hardcore.

I didn’t even get what he did, are curls enough to set that off? That’s pathetic!

Hey isn’t that a vid of Hol… nevermind.

They lunked him for dropping the weights on the floor loudly.

I’ve mentioned it before… but about 6 years ago I was banned from PF for an entire year for something much less serious, LMAO. If the other gyms in my area were not extremely overpriced, I would have never returned. Good video, made me chuckle.

Why do you always made threads of threads already made and make threads of one woman in specific and nothing else and try to keep it alive by finding out a name for one person instead of making a thread dedicated to all Unknowns or Posting in a thread that the topic has first been brought up.

Purely curiosity you know.

I was hoping it was a different video, ah well Crawls back in hole

He is my hero

I would have succeeded in breaking that mirror.

But you have to admit their ridiculous business plan is sound.

Its not like gym rats are attractive candidates for memberships, we come nearly everyday take up space and have long workouts, we wear out the machines, we intimidate women out of the weight area for the most part, and other men, simply by being there…And pay the same membership fees as everyone else.

The people that pay 40 bucks a month and come once a week for 30 minutes to run on the treadmill are much more profit to cost than us.

Gym rats aren’t profitable, they reduce profit in commercial gyms.

I dont blame the guy but I probably wouldn’t have cursed at the lady. It isent polite. I do encourage more of the throwing of trashcans and knocking over magazine racks though. Seriously though,the Lunk Alarm does more harm than good. Is it even necessary to have a siren when people are trying to workout? Really?

I fail to comprehend. There is a loud alarm noise at the beginning (presumable the lunk alarm), the guy wasnt doing anything but curling DBs, a woman working there walks up to him and he goes nuclear.

I too thought the lunk alarm was a myth. Guess not, that is so retarded. If someone cares to shed some light on this for me it would be great. That video was insane.

There is no way that alarm went off because of him doing the curls. That would simply be so fucking retarded I would kill someone (I want to go there now just so I can throw a tantrum with a good cause).

My next question: What is it that you are allowed to do at Planet Fitness?

That dude acted like a baby. Yes, it’s ridiculous, but a mature adult would accept the situation (wise ones would have avoided it all together) and move on. His response was totally uncalled for.