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Planet Fitness Lawsuit


A male employee refused to enter the female change room to help a woman who collapsed.


edit: the woman died as a result


I thought, all gym members had a least some knowledge of CPR.

Fuck the rules. He should have burst into that room and saved her, well assuming he knew CPR.

And why did it take them so long to dial 911?


Wow they are suing the employee and planet fitness. After he was fired from there he is getting sued WOW.


Not his fault she was too weak to stay alive.


I heard she was black and he was a "white Hispanic"


Hahahahaahah, good one!!!!

Seriously though, he has no lawful duty to go and help that woman, correct??


Haha. The following 20 pages will be Darkie Ninja claiming how it was racism that caused the death of the woman, in the most vulgar, drivel spouting, unintelligent possible manner.



shit on


This is so Fucked up I have no words.....and yet I laughed for 5 minutes.


FACT^ on both accounts lmao


I'm pretty sure he doesn't. administering aide to someone is a choice, on both ends. If the person who is at the scene does not feel comfortable administering aide, then they are not required to. Also the victim has the right to deny the responder the right to administer aide. However the responder is protected from any retribution by "Good samaritin laws" which prohibits any legal retaliation from the victim towards the responder.


Is that really a thing there? That people suffering from heart attacks and strokes actually deny aid? Who the fuck ever wilfully denies aid unless it's a suicide attempt? That's insanity.

The gym employee might have felt uncomfortable entering the changing rooms and applying aid to the woman, but I'm sure the woman was a damn sight more uncomfortable in the throws of a slow and agonizing death. It's incredible that the gym employee would be too scared of the poster rules of the gym to stop some ladies memories, actions and future from being snuffed entirely out of existence, even if he's lawfully constrained, he's morally obligated, and that should precede some mundane blanket law for the situation.

It's a shame that he's been sued, but it's even more of a shame that he probably would have been sued had he saved her life as well. Sometimes people are too scared of lawful retribution to actually do the right thing, that saddens me a lot.


You guys sure love to sue each other.

Movies don't lie do they?


As much as I don't want to, I will always remember the ending to this trailer because of Americans and the hilarious suing stereotype. The rest of the movie maybe doesn't have so much truth to it though.


I feel like watching that trailer took something from me that I will never get back, I'm just not sure what it was.


It's almost like redneck terminator porn, which sounds better than it looks.


he might not have been able to save her or do anything anyway, who is to say 911 would have reached her in time


But does that justify not really doing anything at all? He might not have been able to save her, but he also might have, he let his job security get in the way of his humanity and now he'll have to live with that.


Correct! Wouldn't she set off the link alarm when she hit the floor?


I can agree with that 100% he should have tried to do something. But even if he had and she died anyway there might still be a lawsuit saying that he shouldn't have done anything.