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Planet Fitness: Lawsuit Waiting to Happen?


Personally, I feel they are very close to being sued. It is illegal to discriminate against anyone on the basis of appearance. Thats like them saying, you can't join cause your black or you have blond hair or your short or tall. that is 100% illegal. In the past, they have sort of hid their true feelings about not wanting bodybuiders from joining.

All its going to take is just one bodybuilder or serious lifter to file a law suit and that will end thier ways of doing business. Their commercials are so obviously bias against lifters, it doesn't take a genious to see it. No business can discriminate, end of story. sure, they can have their rules of conduct, but they are now making it so plainly obvious they don't want bodybuilders, their ways of doing business will come to an end within a few years, if that.


I agree RV.

Would you like for me to represent you?


Read up on law online, huh?

I have 3 criminals I'm defending this afternoon. Took the boards 5 min ago on "board exam to go.com". Took 10min.



Luckily I don't nor will ever go to planet fitness. Imagine they saying, "we don't want black people joining or barring them from joining" they would be shut down.


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They're basing their policies on behavior, so it would be a difficult legal hurdle to overcome to succeed legally against their policies. The marketplace could ultimately decide, if they're pandering to lazy, no-effort people to come to their gym, then that's the reputation they will get and no serious lifter will go there.

Considering that most people aren't serious about being fit, it may work if they load up with a bunch of members that never go, but pay their monthly dues. They get paid based off of lazy-butts intending to work out, but not actually doing it.


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Do you even know what you're talking about?

RV - do you want this yahoo to represent you or me. Keep in mind that I have NEVER lost a case.


All I know is it would have taken all of 3 days to shut down a gym that outwardly sounded an alarm when fat people showed up.

They have lasted because you really have people out there who think muscular people are out to get them...or at least make them feel badly...with all of their sweating and breathing and lifting all heavy and stuff. In a way, it i like they are "protecting" fat people from people like some of us (everyone here doesn't even workout).


He won't be suing anyone, he said it would take a SERIOUS lifter.


Oh well...../thread.

"Husky" Vampires don't do well in court anyway unless it's Night Court....and they went off the air decades ago.


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Wait, That's libel or is it defamation of character. Not sure but I'll search it on urban dictianary and then I'll file suit on you unless you apologize to my client and then award him 50 internetz.

We won't be intimidated by you Pushmepullme!!!

Edit - Now we're filing suit against anyone with Push in their username. It implies that you think you can push a 500 year old Vampire around. Not today.


He may not need the cash. I hear they have diamonds.



Did you get hit with the lunk alarm?

I wish we had a troll alarm here..but i digress again.

I agree these assholes are waiting for a lawsuit.



Which law specifies that it is illegal to discriminate based on hair color, height, or muscularity?

They've never hidden this. Their entire operation is based on deterring fitness or bodybuilding.


The level of obsession and emotional investment in Planet Fucking Fitness that some people on this site have never ceases to amaze me. Who gives a FUCK what PF does? Why does anyone care? Why does this business seem to have such a hold on the people that it blatantly ridicules?

Personally, I applaud PF and everything they've done. They've successfully managed to create a business that excludes a particular type of person based on bias. If only more businesses were like this. If only my gym was ingenious enough to devise a legitimate way to keep dipshits, queers, ectomorphs, squat rack curlers and fat women out of it so I can lift in an environment more conducive to my goals. If only the Starbucks down the street from my house could successfully come up with a business plan that eliminated all dirty hippies and pseudo-hipster frauds from its customer base. I yearn for the day that the hardware store downtown actively encourages women and Asian men to avoid the place altogether. I dream of a day when I go to a restaurant where loud, unruly children, and their inattentive parents, are shamed into leaving before their food is served due to the overwhelmingly abrasive attitude they receive from their server.

We need more business like Planet Fitness, not less.


You don't have to win a lawsuit for it to be successful.


Good luck with that, RV.

Anyone who signs their contract agrees with their policy (whether they've read the fine print or not).


Why would anyone more muscular than a 5th grader go there in the first place?