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Planet Fitness Article on Slate



I think the comments on the article say it all...

I am thankful for my private gym where I can blast my music, drop weights and not have to deal with dumb-ass employees and trainers.


How about that ShakeWeight huh?


Those comments are hilarious. One guy said this:

"Since then I started using the corporate gym here at work. Seriously, a sensible diet plus a good supply of cardiovascular activity at the gym combined with moderate strength training....what more does a body need?"

Funny a bunch of people complaining and judging people who lift heavy. Apparently all we need to do is cardio.


I can see it now, instead of squat and dumbbell racks, PF has bosu balls and shake weight racks


Apparently all people who lift heavy rub baby oil all over themselves and yell and scream.


You dont?



I am trying to get my max up. I figure when I hit a 400 lb bench I will qualify to workout in baby oil.

Should I bring a towel to wipe the excess oil off the bench?


The gym represents the majority of Americans unfortunately. Which is why they are making a killer profit from it.


I belong to a PF and I have to say the worst thing about it is the number of members they have. If I try to go after work, you can't get near anything, never mind just the cardio stuff. There is people using every machine and bench in the place.

Luckily, my time of day that I normally go is about 8 am and that seems to something of a lull time. But I've still never gotten used to work out there. I'm getting close to changing again, but it is so convenient to my house, that I may have to just keep it and use it as a back up and join another gym to actually work out in.


Alright. Which one of you is Luke O'Neil?

Dude has a pretty funny blog. http://www.putthatshitonthelist.com/

(I am not Luke O'Neil.)


Maybe somebody can answer this,Why is the colors Purple and Yellow? Is there something to it? Personally,I find the color combination nauseating.


Because Planet Fitness, much like the Lakers, is gay.


People serious about working out won't make the gym as much money as the non-serious who only go for a few weeks after signing a one year contract.


"Pizza Monday"? Are you serious?

This really is turning into "Fat @$$ America" minute by minute. I'm not even a "body builder" and PF offends me.


The people who are serious about NOT working out far outnumber those who ARE serious, and it seems like they're being drawn to that place like flies to my shit.


"The latter is a moot point at most Planet Fitness locations, where they don't even have any large weights."

"I've been lectured by staffers for breathing too hard when lifting"

Unbelievable. That's all.


I like when it refers to 50 pound dumb bells as the heavy ones. Good shit there.

Thank God for Gold's here in PA. I can deadlift in my socks and make as much noise as I want. And not 1 person that works there says shit.


I swear I cannot tell if this is a old thread or not once I see this comment. You've posted it about 4 times all related to Planet Fitness lol.


the fact that MENS HEALTH said its the "worst gym in america" should say somthing on its own.


Thanks for noticing!

I figured it would take about 3 more Planet Fitness threads till someone noticed!