Plane did not hit the Pentagon! A missile did!

WOW once again another post filled with lies and BULLS**T. It’s amazing. First off they did find parts of the plane and yes it was from the same plane they claimed. Look people stop looking for things that are not true. Although alot of these links claim that people really did not see it happen is ridiculous. All these sites do is point to a few people who either didn’t have a clear view or were caught up in the emotion of it all and when they jumbled words in their statement it was the same day that it happened. That kind of trauma lasts for years. There are people who witness horrible crimes who can’t get through retelling the story of it years later. Just stop this BS and people don’t fall for it. As much as believe that there are alot of conspiracies out there and alot of false facts in the case of 9/11 it is not a conspiracy.