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Plane Boredom!


What to do on a plane if the passenger next to you is irritating:

  1. Remove your lap top from its bag
  2. Open the laptop slowly and carefully
  3. Turn on
  4. Ensure the passenger next to you is watching
  5. Turn on the Internet
  6. Close your eyes for a brief moment, open them again, turn your gaze
    upwards to the skies as if in prayer
  7. Take a deep breath, say a silent prayer and open this site:


  1. Observe the facial expression of your neighbouring passenger(s).


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That shit would get you arrested.

Epic reason for being arrested though.

But i'm sure you would need to look the part.


LMAO!!! Would almost be worth the felony and the possible beat down by the air marshal.


Might have to try that on my way to Germany next month! LMAO!!!




Good one!

I work with this Pakistani guy and we travel domestically together for business at times. He would be the PERFECT guy to do it. Site is bookmarked.

As it is, he gets the hairy eyeball from just about everybody at the airports.



It's shit like this that keeps me coming back to these forums ... effing hilarious!!


A friend sent it to me and I couldn't resist.



I like how we've all relaxed enough by now to find humor in that. Eight years ago?... no way.


a guy i used to work with sat next to a guy who was watching japanese porn on his laptop...he said after about 45 minutes he started to get offended...lol


Good thing I didn't post this 9 days later, that would've been in bad taste and not my intention.


I would have lol'd anyhow.






I knew a few guys who were licensed skydivers, and whenever they would take a trip to go skydiving, they would always carry their parachute as a carry-on. As they walked down the aisle, if someone was obviously looking at the chute, they would just go "oh, the flight attendant didn't give you yours?" and walk to their seat.



hahaha, awesome count down page!


I'll watch for you on the news.


HAHA! LOL that shit would be hilarious!

I'm going on vacation on the 15th and I'm actually contemplating this shit. LMAO.


canadas hajji terror alert will go off if you do this.


HAHAHA That music is so happy, it won't scare anyone