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Planche Progression Help


I seem to have a big problem with my tuck planche: I can only hold it with bent elbows. Should I continue doing it with bent elbows and then progress to straight elbows and then to advanced tuck planche and so on, or should I struggle to hold a strict tuck planche/work more on my frog stand, etc.?
I do chest dips as assistance.....
Thanks, Thorn



thank me later.


Been there, done that. rofl
The classic approach is with straight elbows, but I was wondering if I can build the necessary strength with them bent and progressivelly straightening them.

Strength, Thorn


I can't bend my elbows normally... i've dislocated them quite a few times.

So when they're actually locked, they're hyper extended so my arms look straight but they're actually bent when I do a planche.

So i'm going to have to go with Yes.

Yes you can.


I had same problem, first I started with bent elbows, then progressed to straight arm(but with an easy grip, like parrallel bars), finally I was able to do straight arm normal grip.


Well, this means that I will be getting a planche. I've decided to do no more bb/db presses (I will only do dips to strenghten the muscles used in the planche, and maybe push-ups -trying one-arm), or upper body exercises except external rotation. I will only do good-mornings and deads (as bb exercises).
MANY MANY thanks,


sounds like a solid plan to me. Make sure you don't try to hypertrophy your leg muscles. Makes it harder to develope the planche. Wait till you achieve it then keep your gains even.

I think you know that though.

good luck man... scary thing is that a planche is only a C level gymnast skill haha.


Thanks. I just realised. I won't do either deads or good-mornings. =)) I guess someone might now tell me that considering my lack of legs and spinal erectors and mass in general I'm totally dumb (posted some pics around here). I found some gymnastic exercises that train the spinal erectors without the legs, mainly the back lever. Many thanks.
Strength, Vlad

P.S.: believe me, I'll get it. Six months or a year, but I'll get it. Right now I can hapilly hold for a little more than five seconds an... ummm...isometric contraction with my elbow bent at 90 degrees with one arm (in the one arm chin-up)and control the descent even in the bottom half. I started by pretty much falling and feeling my shoulder and chest trying to rip during the negatives...now I can hapilly hold myself with one arm at the top for some time (15+seconds, I think). Yeah, I know, I have no legs. But at my 145lbs, I can pull 245 (is this considered acceptable?bw+100)


Train it everyday, multipile times a day really short sessions 5-15min and you can accomplish it in a few months.

Once you give it a real go you'll notice it's more of a 'technique to adjust to' not really a strength move. it's hard to explain but when you can straddle planche you'll see what I mean. It's about a weird balance you develope in your muscle groups... once everything sync's its possible.

Try elbow levering too, it shows you that you really have to get your chest more forward than your arms.


oh ya i'm not saying DONT train your legs (quite the opposite actually).

I just think 20 rep squats and massive eating isn't going to be conducive to your goal.


I'm also learning to do the Planche... Currently able to hold the frog stance for about 20secs.

Also currently doing CW's ABBH program but would the hyperthrophy affects my ability to progress in the planche. Cos i understand gymnasts have very high strength to weight ratio as most of them does not train weights.