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Planche Pics




no offense but they are all skinny guys..what the hell is going on here.


Do you think a guy with more than 120 pounds on his frame could do that?


They're breakdancers, which is very hard to do well unless you are very flexible and weight no more then about 80kgs [like 180lbs I think?]. Planches take amazing core strength and stability to pull off, and that requirement increases exponentially as your body weight goes up.

Yes they're skinny, but its for their sport. Would you rag on a light martial artist [or boxer] who's "skinny" to stay within his weight class?


He can. He weighs 160+ i believe. Nearly all gymnasts can as well, as a planche is 'only' a C level skill.



I think if you're heavier, you need a ninja suit.

:wink: Makkun


I was exagerating on 120 pounds. But yes, you do have to have core stability like mad.


Screw that other thread, read this one:



holy shit bboys are fucken mean to that kid.


Shouldn't that kid get caned for slapping the girls???


I don't think weight is an issue as much as leverage.


Breakdancers have the ugliest planches. If you're going to do the hold, you should have the strength to do it correctly -- horizontal with the elbows locked.

Having the body above horizontal and the elbows bent are both ways to cheat to make the hold easier. It becomes more of a balancing act than the incredible feat of strength that it should be and is when good form is observed.


Good grief. Between this and the guy who has to post his "Tricking!!" pics every few days, I'm on the verge of a Professor X lament about the waning glory of Bodybuilding's Think Tank...




Give me 2 of B-Boys best over any "Trickers" anyday!


You sure?


Those planches are pretty bad.

A planche is not considered to be an advanced skill in gymnastics, especially not a stradled one. And most gymnasts atleast have some muscle on them, they do keep their weight down to be able to perform harder skills but they are also on average 5'5.

An average hight person trying to acomplish a planche and not elite level skills can easily do so with quite a bit of muscle mass. Old bodybuilders actually use to use a lot of gymanstics moves.


Dont get me wrong, elite trickers are bad ass but its tricks/stunts. Elite B-boys have a rhythm to them and an dance artistry that is impossible for trickers to match because of what it is.


That should be an Olympic event. Thanks for posting that was awesome.