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Planche & One Arm Chin-Up Journey

Workout 17

Workout 18 - Mixed things up just a little. Front lever and handstand push ups.

Those are some impressive handstand push-ups. I have been trying to do those myself, but struggle to get one rep.

How long have you been doing those for? Any tips or cues you could suggest? Do you ever do them facing the wall?


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Thank you. I haven’t done them in over a year because I hurt my shoulder and for some reason handstand push ups were the only strength move that was painful. I think the planche has helped me to keep it. When I first started doing them though I couldn’t do one, but after a couple of negatives and pike push ups they came quickly. At one point I was able to do about 3 freestanding handstand push ups and hope to build back up to that eventually. I’ve done them facing the wall but it’s a little scary because it’s difficult to bail out at the bottom. If I could give you one tip I would say do pike push ups for about a month and then try handstand push ups again and I bet you’ll have them down!

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Workout 19 - Assisted glute ham raises and weighted pistols. Planche and one arm chins coming back on Thursday.

Workout 20 - New Weight!

Oh in for this, I was working towards a 1 arm pullup but then I got too chubby :smiley:

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As you can see I’ve got a little chub on me. So far progress has been pretty steady though. Hoping to keep about 1lb/week on avg to meet my goal by end of next year.

Workout 21

Workout 22

Workout 23

Ever considered doing more volume?


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I’ve considered many options before arriving where I am currently. Honestly, I don’t know what’s “best”, but I don’t want to have so much volume that improvement comes second, if that even makes sense? What changes would you make personally?

I was just wondering

If I was to change anything I would do more sets of each exercise.

But saying that, who says that is the best method for your goals. As long as you are improving and progressing, you are winning.


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You’re right. I’m sure that my workout will evolve over time as well. Maybe more sets is the next step down the road. It’s always interesting to see what my workout looks like through the eyes of others and how it compares to what they’d do.

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Merry Christmas!

Workout 24

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Workout 25

Workout 26

Workout 27


Haven’t checked you out in a while

Nice to see you added some leg stuff to the log.Both pistols and ghr are impressive af.Great job

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