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Planche & One Arm Chin-Up Journey


I am documenting my 1st set of every workout on my journey to full planche and one arm chin up. I hope to have 3 one arm chin ups and a 9 second full planche by the end of 2017 and I’m posting 3 workouts every week with my progress and form improvement. I would enjoy to have an open conversation with anyone interested in these two difficult exercises and how you are progressing as well as hear any questions you may have about my journey. When I started this journey I could do about 15 chin ups and a 15 second tuck planche (0 seconds with hands facing backwards). I am using resistance bands for both exercises and currently using 58lbs of assistance with the intent to drop about 1lb per week on average in order to meet my goal. Check out today’s workout below and if you’re interested subscribe to follow me on my journey!


Workout 1!


Hi zachh85,

I have a passing interest in BW exercise so I will be following. At the moment I use BW stuff as more of a warm-up before I lift. Im focusing on handstands and pistol squats. At 6’2 and 190 pounds Im not really built for the more fancy BW stuff.

How tall are you? How much do you weigh? Do you do any other training? Are you considering training any other skills? Do you have any particular goals or are you training for anything in particular?

Nice cats by the way.



Nice to see someone with such different goals from anyone else keeping a log in here

I’ll be following too


Thanks for the response and the follow. That should help with motivation. I’m 5’11" and 170 pounds. I’m going to try to maintain that weight throughout. At 6’2" I agree that these would be long term and very difficult moves. As for other exercises, I do burpees for conditioning, and pistols with a weight vest sometimes. I’m also an avid hiker. I feel it’s best for me personally to only have a couple of main goals at a time, so as to not get distracted. I’ve been wanting these two goals so bad for years, but somehow I always seem to get sidetracked. This time I’m dedicated to being consistent and slower in my progress.


Workout 8 from tonight.


Workout 9


Workout 10


Workout 11


Workout 12 - Reduced Assistance


Workout 13


I’ll be following too. Looks interesting - like Stronkfak said, pretty different from what we usually see around here.

Welcome to the forums!


Thanks! I’m looking forward to the journey.


Workout 14

In this workout I use 54.8 lbs of assistance with elastic bands. Sets of one arm chin are 4,4,3,3 reps and sets of planche are 12,12,9,9 seconds.


Same reps as you did with the 58 lbs band tension.Congrats man


Thanks! It’s a slow process but I feel like I’m getting better.


have you tried some tree chin ups they give a bit of spring which allow to complete a one arm. Good luck btw. I used to do these well got close when I was a lot lighter.


Ah yes, I’ve done this but never with thought about it being a useful assistance exercise! Good idea… and thanks for the encouragement.


Workout 15


Workout 16