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Plan Your Insulin Spikes / Carb Intake?

i’m going to guess there are two types of people here, people who think just eat, and people who control what they eat more.

example: after workout and PWO drink, you plan a high protein / high carb meal with fast acting carbs (would do white rice over brown rice for that reason) just to spike insulin for the anabolic effect.

if so, what exactly do you do, why, and is it working? also add in weight/bf%/years training for better perspective.

Those who ‘train’ without any attention to their diet will never achieve the results they could if they paid a little attention to the specific requirements of their body at certain times of day (nutrient timing).

I pay very careful attention to my diet. Hell yes it’s working. Usually weigh about 205-210 but compete at 175 lbs. Training for 18 years. 2 pro cards (USBF and WNBF).


thank you stu, i was actually hoping you would chime in. could you provide some more details for your timing so we can get a better sense of what works for people with 3 letter names?

Before workout—>two big softball white mashed potatoes, chicken, salad
after workout shake----> 1 bananna, 4 cup oatmeal, kiwi, 2 scoop isolate

On training day I dont hold back on carbs at all, on non training days I tend back off a big and regulate that way. Works good for me so far, staying at around 6’2 195, 10-12% bf?. Im exclusively strength training at the moment and have made good gains eating this way without getting to fat.


I will keep my carbs strictly around my workout. I’ll do about 1/2 cup of oatmeal ( dry measure) mixed with a banana, walnuts, 2% greek yogurt and cinnamon. I’ll also take R-ALA and Chromium before this meal. I have this meal about 90 minutes before training. I also have a pre workout drink that consists of 22 grams of glucose polymers and amino acids. I’ll have this about 20-30 minutes pre workout. I sip on BCAA’s during training and post workout I will sometimes have rice cakes with about 20 grams whey hydrolysate/isolate. However I’ve been reading a lot lately about how pre workout carbs are more important than post. Still not sure about all of that, but I’ve been taking out the post workout carbs lately to see if I notice any difference in recovery or muscle fullness, so far I’ve seen no difference. I’ll keep my carbs low ( under 100gms, strictly around workout) for 3 or so days then I will bump them up to 200-300grams for a day. I also try and incorporate at least one 24 hour fast during the week on whatever day I take off from training. I’ll just sip on BCAA’s throughout the day during this fast.