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Plan up Until my Next Meet

Hey all, I am currently competing in the 105kg (231 pounds) weight class. I walk around at like 236-238 and I hate cutting for meets. I am competing in June next, under the same 105kg class. I am thinking either before or after the meet to cut some body fat and get down to around 12-15% and then slowly bulk back into the 105kg weight class and by doing so I will gain strength and have a better body composition. I hope to gather everyone’s advice so I can decide what to do.

Google “Powerliftingtowin Nutrition” and read/watch the whole thing.


I just read everything and understand what to do right now. The only question I have is should I fully exhaust linear progression before I start a cut to reap the remaining benefits of a faster progression or just jump into the cut?

Read again you cheeky cunt lel. Do whatever you want it’ll be effective enough in the long run tho I will say if youre making gains may as well keep on doing what you’re doing and not take those gains for granted because the more advanced you get them gains become harder to come by

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thank you