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Plan to Train as Much as Possible

Hello to everyone. I’ve lifting weights over 40 years (I’m 53) and have now very much time to train. I’ve usually commuted by bike 20km/d (13 miles? ) and start gaining fat in current corona situation. I do what I can with my diet, but what I would like to ask is you to recommend a solid workout plan for weights to train daily and if possible divided many short workouts per day.
I have barbell and 200kg weights, kettlebells from 4kg to 32kg , chinning bar and gymnastic rings, heavy boxing bag in my house.

My goals are at least stay at current fat level, new muscle would be nice and also getting stronger. Any ideas?

Hey brother.
So with 40 years of experience and that type of equipment in your abode, you really are set.

Check out Easy Strength if you want a good template.

Personally I keep kettlebells in my house, and make sure to do glute bridges, snatches, windmills and turkish gets ups basically every day. I don’t go crazy here. Yesterday I think I literally did like 2 snatches on each side. Big deal, I was busy all day and on the move, but it’s pretty easy to pass my hallway closet, pull out a kettlebell and pop it over head. I felt tall and solid all day. I have a chin-up bar in my horse barn and anytime I pass it I just do a couple pulls. Glute bridges are basically an every day thing also.

I’m 30 and I’ve been lifting probably since 7th grade or so, and what I’ve actually learned is I make better progress if I just let go of trying to control my training and diet. I’ve stopped trying to follow a program or whatever. Surround yourself with the right things, and just do them naturally. You’ve got step one down, so now it’s just about action. Yes it requires some motivation and discipline, but make it so easy for yourself that you can’t fail, and then from there make incremental improvements.

I love to make up things as I go. Let’s say I have time to actually bust ass with a kettlebell for 10 minutes. I might just do a ladder of kettlebell snatch singles and repeat that a few times. Do a set of swings for 20-30 reps and I’m good. I might do some glute bridges (the exercise that improves all other exercises IMO) with some isometrics holds. You can’t really do too many of those.

So I’m just spitballing here as I type, but I’ll close by saying that I don’t really plan or worry about what I’m going to do, and I don’t usually make any concentrated effort to “work out” or “train” or whatever you wanna call it. I just consistently do the things that make my body feel good and strong. I don’t ever SEEK the burn or the sweat or whatever. Having said that, I do think it’s important to challenge yourself periodically, but I find I feel better with a nonchalant approach to training. As far as food goes, hell sometimes I feel good and energized and eat once a day, sometimes I eat twice. Be consistent, but let your surroundings dictate that. I think Schugart has a name for this effect but I cannot remember it off the top of my head right now.

Surround yourself with the foods you know you should be eating, swing your kettlebells, stay fluid on the ground, and punch that fucking bag like it owes you money.

EDIT: Oh some simple things to add. Cold showers, frequent walks, and spend as much time outside and with family as possible. Climb a tree, roll on the ground, bust a sprint. Take up some cool skills like juggling or knife throwing or archery or whatever turns your crank!

That’s a great plan, thanks. I am actually following pretty much program like that, I usually do rough push/pull split in order to recovery. Problem is that I’m doing too little.
I’m curious if you/someone have good experience some kind of more organized program, let’s say that hypertrophy and staying lean is more important at the moment than strenght. I know very well that those goals are not necessary doable at the same time, so lets put staying lean 1st focus, 2nd hypertrophy, 3rd strenght.