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Plan to Test Your 1RM


Does anybody remember who did the article about how to best approach your 1rm. They had a certain number of warmup sets and %of max step ups. I have tried searching for it but i can't find anything about it. I thought it was Poliquin but i couldn't find it in his articles.

A link or at least the author would be greatly appreciated.


I would just make plate-quarter jumps til you get to about 80-85%, then start adding dimes. Unless youre maxing on squat or deads, then just use plates til you get to 315 or so. thats what works for me


I don't know why anyone would write an article about the "best" way to approach a 1RM. There is no one way to do it and no set percentages that fits all of us. I do think there is such a thing as "under-warming up and over-warming up". Your body has to get itself revved up enough but not overtaxed. You have to factor in age, experience, and where your expected max is going to be.


I think that this what you are looking for. I don't think it is the article that you are look for, but I am pretty sure it contains the information that you are looking for.



Enter gym.
Get changed.
Load bar with 10 pounds more than last week.
Tell the squat rack curler - no you don't need a belt you're aren't lifting all that much.

Squat down.
Cough up blood.
Get a drink of water.
Take off 10 pounds.

Squat down.
Squat up.
Smile at the squat rack curler.
I'll make that lift next week...


According to Poliquin:

4 reps @40%, rest 10"
4@40%, rest 10"
3@60%, rest 30"
2@75%, rest 1'
1@80%, rest 2'
1@85%, rest 2'
1@90%, rest 3'
1@95%, rest 4'


Thats what i was looking for. Thanks a bunch man.


I did DL's yesterday but i got squats tomarrow i will be sure to follow this. Lol squat rack curler. I even got my wife making fun of them now.

Workout gloves actually bother me as much as belts when it comes to over use. I wore a lift belt yesterday for the first time in probably a year. That was only because it was a DL max attempt. I also took gloves. Not fingerless gloves that people use when curling 35 lbs. Fingerless gloves are for sissies. I used leather work gloves because i was picking up heavy stuff off the ground and because i brusied the plam of my hand doing rack pulls last Friday.