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Plan to Reverse Estrogen Before Jan 25th

Hey guys, I’m shipping to Basic Training the 25th, and my nipples are a tad sensitive. I want to get my E under control before I leave. I have an idea of what I want to run, but I want input from the more learned guys here. I want to the Clomid, with some Nolvadex for 3 weeks.

As you know, they are both SERM’s that bind to the Estrogen receptors in mammary glands. Will this help with my sensitive/swollen nipples? I assume they will by lowering E and allowing more T to pass through the receptors. I’ve always had pubescent gyno, but it flared up after taking clomid in the past. What dosages do you recommend? I know what the internet says to run, but I would like some first hand info on what Mg of Clomid and Nolva to run.

Also, should I run an AI? I just do not want any rebound whatsoever whilst in Basic. Thanks

In the advice for new guys sticky that I asked you to read:

  • do not mix SERMs or SERM+hCG, you will probably induce very high E2 and when you stop the SERM, estrogen rebound attacks

  • do not create multiple threads, keep your case in one thread so we have context [this is not a chat room]

Ok, I had no answers to my previous thread, besides “read the sticky.” Thanks for the help brah!!! Guess I’ll run Letro and Clomid and see what happens. Cheers…