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Plan to Increase Workload Capacity



I am planning on starting a new routine with the goal of increasing my work capacity and anaerobic cardio as I often find myself completely drained and out of breath while working out. Basically I want to get into great shape so that I can return to a normal regime and push myself harder.

Goals-wise I am pretty happy with my strength and size so I just want to maintain them while building up a much greater workload capacity in the gym.

In the past I have done 5x5, WS4SB, a 5-day BB split and recently I have been making good gains using 3-day whole body sessions involving a lot of concepts I picked up from Chad Waterbury's Muscle Revolution.

I don't do heavy squats any more because I get a lot of anterior knee pain.

Day 1 (strength):
Weighted pull-up
Bench press
Bent over row
Ab rollout

Day 2 (GPP):
farmers walk/walking lunge superset
one-arm push up/inverted pull superset
pull-up/dip superset
side bend/plank superset

Day 3 (BB):
lat pulldown
Inc DB chest press/gorilla row superset
EZ curl
lat raise
Tri ext/DB curl superset

Day 4 (GPP)
same as day 2

I also do KB swings and front squats with 2x 20kg 3x per week.

I was just wondering if anyone could point out any major flaws I need to fix (besides the lack of squat) and also if anyone could give me advice on what to include in GPP days as I haven't done them before.

Thanks for the help


May i ask your strength stats?


Sure - my bench 1rm is 265. By squat 1rm before the knee pain stopped it was 300. I got my deadlift up to 365lbs but I recently hurt my back and I'm slowly building back up.

I know I'm pretty weak but I'm happy with it for now, my main priority is just to get in better shape. In the long run I would like to get a lot stronger though, esp deadlift.


farmers walk/walking lunge superset ????