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Plan To Drop 35lbs.


by Easter.Last spring I dropped from 225 down to 187 following the soild meal a day V-diet in just 2 months.Well,since then I moved from Memphis to Vegas and in the folowing 3 months,I've haven't worked out regularly,eat cheap buffets and drink like a fish,and went back up to 220.All fat.No muscle,probably lost a few lean muscle.Anyways,I liked the way I looked around 185-190,my face was thin,and I looked good in a pair of jeans.I'm 6'0,so here is my diet plan I will start Sunday.Feel free to critqe.

Meal#1 4egg whites,1whole egg scrambled w/shittake mushrooms,oatmeal w/blueberries
Meal#2 Metabolic Drive bar and fat-free yogurt
Meal#3 Metabolic Drive with pumkin
Meal#4 Wild salmon w/spinach salad with Olive oil


Not enough cals
Not enough real food
Not enough fat

You are going to go into starvation mode with that diet. Especially if you are going to combine it with any type of serious fat loss workout plan.

Yo-yo is going to kill ya man. You need to slow it down and try to at least maintain most of your lean body mass. Good luck.


Yeah I agree. Gradual fat loss is better than rocket fat loss. I'd say just start cleaning up your diet. Check out some articles by John Berardi. Tailor made nutrition is at the very least, a good place to start, or at least read.


You may want to review the T-Dawg diet on this site. It worked well for me, particularly in the areas of most importance to me when I started it which was developing some more discipline with my eating and understanding how my body reacts to different calorie and macro ratio levels (which I am still working on). It is very easy to tweak in terms of the amount of calories that you are eating and all the food is very simple to prepare.


Breakfast looks good,then it starts to look like LA weight loss. Eat a small meal every 2-3 hours.Try to keep to real food.Your body doesn't burn many(if any) calories when it has to digest power bars and shakes all day.For every 400 grams of protein consumed,100 calories is lost due to digestion. So stick to chicken breasts,fish,oatmeal,fruit,veggies,lean turkey meat,egg whites, wheat bread,fat free yogurt,skim milk,and whey protein(maybe some Grow!) shakes and you'll be doing good. Once you have a good foundation to build on,you can use a good fat burner supplement(maybe some maximum strength HOT-ROX).Lift heavy too. Pssss!Some morning cardio wouldn't hurt,just take a whey shake before cardio without the carbs!
Good luck man,Poe.


sorry,for some reason my post got cut off.I screwed something up before I pushed the post button.
meal#5 Metabolic Drive shake with flaxseed
meal#6 low carb w/olive oil
On workout days I replace my Metabolic Drive bar with Surge.I will power walk for 30 minutes every morning before I eat breakfast.My supplements are a multi-vitamin,Max-Strength HOT-ROX and Methoxy-7.
I agree with everybody above,I've been reading this site for too long to eat only 4 meals a day.This is T-Dawg I'm doing,with help from TC's Power Foods article.I can't cut carbs too low,I just don't function that well when I go below 100 grams a day.


to me you sound like a yo yo dieter, you better not try and drop weight too fast

when you drop weight too fast, you lose muscle, this can be ok if you stay thin and hit the weights, but if you gain the fat back, you are worse off than where you started

i think you should start eating better food and not focus on being super clean, and hit the gym.


down three pounds today,all water I'm sure.Didn't get but three hours sleep last night because I took full dose of Full-strength HOT-ROX yesterday.I guess it's really important to ease into the stuff,but I took full dose today and I'm not tired at all.Hopefully I'll get a FULL 10 hours sleep tonight.Yesterday I also did my upper body work-out and felt good getting back in the gym after a 3 month lay-off.
Remember guys,I am getting 6 meals a day,my first post got cut off for some reason.