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Hi; I am Lorenzo from Lima-Peru. I read the Mens Health magazine T Advantage Plan and I got impressed with it. Then I found this excellent Tetosterone page on the web and read Mealtdown Training article and found it very similar to Plan T. Basicment because both propose to only pump iron for fat burning and not to do aerobics or cardio, also to eat more protein & fat and less carbos. But while Plan T proposes to increase Tetosterone levels, Meltdown proposes to increase growth hormone levels. Anyway; Meltdown says that men first eliminate paunch and trunk fat and then arms and legs. So; what happens if you only have fat in your paunch and waist? Should you make cardio for better results or only weight training is enough.

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What do you mean with bump?

That’s a very good question: Does Meltdown work if all your fat is around your waist? I’m wondering too, because that is my problem area. By the way, “bump” indicates you are just adding a reply to keep the post high in the message list. If a post doesn’t get any replies, it drops down towards the end of the list where nobody sees it.

Lorenzo, by “bump” he was just moving your question back up to the front of the line. The forum gets so many questions every day that those not answered tend to get buried.

In reagard to your questions, if you only have fat in those areas, you will lose fat in those areas, mainly. The rest of your body will lose some fat that you are not even aware that you're storing.

I would add in the cardio only if you feel it is necessary. I think it may help, but you'll do fine without it.

Hope this helps.

Lorenzo, go to http://forums.menshealth.com/ forum.jsp?forum=1. It is the Mens Health forum. You will be able to ask tons of guys over there for help on Testosterone Advantage Plan. It is a great program, and I would encorage a lot of guys over here to look at it. I would also encourage them to check out the forum. Despite what a lot of you think about mens health, the forum is not sissy at all. Everyone recomends squats, deadlifts, and there are tons of recomendations to read t-mag.

Thanks for your answer friends. Sorry for my bad english but I hope you understand that is not my country language. I want to ask you one extra question about Meltdown Training and TAP. It is not supposed that tetosterone levels decrease when you make cardio? So why do you consider cardio as opcional when it’s better to forget about it.
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Did you pay for TAP? If you did, then you might as well give it a shot, as you paid for it. Otherwise, I would give meltdown a shot, many people on this forum have had good results from it. Do a forum search and you should be able to pull up a number of threads related to it.

I took a quick look at the Men's Health and Fitness forum. And I really do not think that it has anything to offer a T-man, other than a few laughs.

I was just wondering what it was that gave you such a negative impression of the Mens Health fitness board. Granted, its not as hardcore, but there is plenty of great advice offered.

I don’t like to think of it as one being “hardcore” and the other not. I am more concerned with the knowledge base. On the other forum I felt as though i was swimming in a sea of “newbies”. Anyone who reads and posts on T-mag regularly, would find that site to be uninteresting at best. I am by no means an expert on training/nutrition, far from it, but felt that I was lightyears ahead of those on that board. If you feel it is a valuable resource, stick with it, but I would also advise you to research the forum here at t-mag and compare the two.

Comer poco carbos causa ketogenisis. Esto significa que su cuerpo metaboliza el adiposo para crear las azucares simples como glucosa. Puede ser que la limitaci?n de carbs baja levemente niveles de la testosterona. Pero en mi opini?n, no sensiblemente. El ?nico macro-nutrivo que causa cambios significativos en los niveles de T es dejar de comer las grasas saludables. Tambi?n, cardio sea bueno. 20 minutos, dos veces cada semana. ?Cu?nto pesa usted?

Ko, I understand what you are saying. I have been reading t-mag for around two years and read the forum quite a bit. The thing I like about the mens health forum is the fact that you can post imediatly, and can get responses a little faster. There are quite a bit more new lifters over there, but there are a couple of guys who really know there shit. Any time you need links to some info, they will be on it. I have a bias in that I have been an active member of their forum for so long, and know some of the guys quite well. But to new guys out there, check it out. I agree that t-mag has some of the greatest info out there.

Estimado GreasyGreek:

Por fin alguien que hable espa?ol en el foro.
Yo peso 94 kilos(207 pounds)y mido 182cms de alto(71.65 inches). El problema es que solo tengo grasa almacenada en mi barriga y cintura, est? mide 114 cms (44.90 inches). El resto de mi cuerpo es normal, hasta inclusive mis piernas y mis brazos son delgados.

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