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Plan T

Hi; is Lorenzo writing from Lima-Per? in Southamerica. I read about Plan T on a recent edition of Mens Health magazine and it interested me very much so I searched on the web and thats how I found T-Forum.

Do you have an idea where can I found information in spanish? I?ve been searching the web with no results.

I also read Tetosterone Magazine Issue 173 arthicle Meltdown Training. It says that men shed fat from the inside out: Abdomen > Trunk > Arms > Legs

But if you are a thin guy that is 25 pounds overweight because of a fat excess in the abdomen and waist only. Is also the best to pump iron and apply Meltdown Training or Plan T method for fat burning on those zones; or maybe in this case aerobics in the range of 60 to 70% of hpm are the best option?

Try Meltdown according to the description in the article. I think you will like the results! :slight_smile: The workouts are brutal, however.

I agree with Ike. Meltdown Training should help you a lot.

Also, you can try going to a translation webpage, and then just copy and paste any information from T-Mag that you do not understand. It will be a rough translation, but enough should carry over into your native language to help you get the general idea.

Hope this helps.