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Plan on Competing in About a Year


Training : DC

Diet : Skipload


front shot semi lazy posing sry had just woke up, pre refeed


tricep shot, a bit dark, deal with it :stuck_out_tongue:


front lat, hard to do when you are alone ahhhh lol


and uh, my profile pic, if any1 feel like its important to see the abs, whatever


Stats : 24 yrs old; 5'9 ; 196lbs

bf % : i dont care

Training history : DC for the last 2 years

Diet : Hired Skip Hill last august




does skip do "skiploading" in the offseason as well? I know he recommends a weekly skipload/refeed when dieting...


I really cannot comment on what im doing with Skip.

But in his dvd he does state that skipload is done even in the offseason for most


Hamstrings and posing are what jumps out at me

Nice job


I agree. Maybe even your calves too. Not sure though because I can only see them from the front. Great start though. You said you've been training DC for two years but how long have you been training for total?


Agreed at both. Alltough I would dare say hamstring look like shit in part because of the posing on that back dbl bicep.

At the same point tough, they do need more work than other areas


6 years.

Calves are actually a strong part

Tbh I dont think my lower body was flexed at all during that backshot.. lol


Dunno if this will help see the calves, but its all i got lol


Found that.. can give an idea of the "thickness"

I need to get my legs to be "larger" tough


You like me need to work on your hamstrings, I don't see any. Thats bad considering your pretty lean. Idk how these fools are talking about your hamstrings...


I like how you put it lol !

I knew my hamstrings werent my strongest part but had kinda fool myself into thinking they werent that bad

Point taken

Now that I think about it, I know exactly whats holding them back compared to the rest.

Thx for the reality check


Awesome! You look great Z....I'm sure you would do very well in competition.


Wait...she...she's...gone?! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looking good man, much improved over last time I saw you post pics. Bring those elbows up a little higher in the back double bi and turn the right now out more to showcase the sweep, and voila! good to go.

Good work man.


To add to this.

Bring the elbows up without moving the shoulders. Or else youll lose the flare.

Also you want to pronate the humerus in the doouble bicep poses. Rotate the humerus as if you wanted the inside of your arm to face the ceiling.