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Plan of Attack



If anyone shows up to town hall meetings or has any meetings with there representatives make them take this pledge.


Such common sense will get you nowhere :slight_smile:


awesome, sadly very few of these scum can even scratch one off that list.

  1. Does that include spending on troops in Iraq and Afghanistan? Or are you just targeting old and poor people in your own country?

  2. Ok. But we'll have to agree that not making Bush's ill advised tax cuts for the top 1% permanent is not a tax increase.

  3. The line to convert your pickup or suv to coal fired power starts to the left. Good luck.

  4. Right. Do me a favor and bring me some lettuce and orange juice on your way back from your next trip out to Cali to stock up. Thanks.

  5. Agree. Except for Reagan's Iran contra bullshit. And maybe some misguided meddling in the middle east, Africa, Persia, SE Asia, etc. We're reaping the dividends of some of that now, but hey, it's all good.


  1. The military will always receive funds it is how we are able to stay free. Iraq is won, we are just sitting by till August 2010(tho don't be surprised if we leave a bit sooner to send some troops to Afghanistan). So the military's budget will be going down very shortly.

  2. Actually what he needs to do is not only keep bushes tax's but reduce them. In a recession(about to be depression) the lower the taxes the more businesses can expand therefor the more people will be working, meaning the government will actually get more money.

  3. Maybe you are just stupid but we have oil here. We can do just fine if we drill now.

  4. You have to keep the border secure, right now the illegals are costing us an arm and a leg.

  5. We will not apologize for anything. The rest of the world has done more to fuck itself up then we ever did. We have fed and freed more people then any other nation on earth.


We stay free when the people do their job instead of pawning it off onto men in uniform. When you start relying on men in uniforms for your freedom you have a serious problem, particulary when a large portion of people wearing uniforms (TSA/BATFE/many police departments/NG troops) are the one actively violating our freedom. On a practical note however, we'd be well served by cutting our spending. We're getting raped at the register for our military gear because 1) the proper lobbyists have congressmen in their pockets 2)whichever side cuts military spending will be hounded by the other party 3)military contractors know that they'll get paid for their overpriced shit. Most of the gear we use is bullshit.


Bullshit. I'm sick and fucking tired of hearing about "illegals". I'm not going to say it's racist, but it can lend itself to and will eventually result in racism. Illegal immigrants aren't costing us money. The fact that America is a socialist welfare state is costing us money. Illegal immigrants wouldn't be a problem if we didn't have welfare/food stamps/public schools/ect). This isn't their fault, it's the fault of today's pathetic crybaby American.

True story. The rest of the world can really go fuck itself for all I care...but then again, most of America can go fuck itself. We are a completely different country today than we were supposed to be. It's truly a credit to a great few and what survives of our founding principles that we are still trucking along.



I am not saying they don't need to budget better, but to think they will still be getting the same ammount of money even tho one of the wars is over is retarded.

They have there faults there is no doubt with that, and that will be getting fixed, Government is about to find out the hard way that it needs to keep a balanced budget real soon.

Do not say that my views on illegals that would lead to racism. Illegal immigrants cost us a lot in health care, most just go to the ER when shit gets bad then after they get cured they split, guess who picks up the bill.


Apparently you are stupid, because even the oil industry has made it pretty plain that we don't have the reserves to meet current demand. Despite the wishes of the "drill baby drill" crowd, there simply aren't vast oil reserves sitting under the US waiting to be pumped out. We do have abundant reserves of NG, and need to do more to convert fleets to NG and build a fueling infrastructure.

This is a red herring. There are tens of millions of uninsured US citizens who are also costing us "an arm and a leg" by relying on ER for medical care. Why are you singling out immigrants as the problem? And at the same time you are violently opposed to any sort of health insurance reform? Stoopid.


We have enough oil to drastically reduce are dependency on foreign oil. In the mean time we should be using the revenue built off the oil sales to produce cars that can get off of oil or drastically reduce the amount of oil used by the cars. Are you just trolling or are you really that stupid?

First off telling a real problem is not a red herring, your little jab about health insurance reform is called a red herring. Illegals bring a lot of problems over here, They screw us over on health care and you cant deny that so you are throwing something else out, that is also called a red herring. You can not also deny that they bring a lot of violence over.

If you think I am opposed to any sort of health insurance reform then you have not listened to a word I have said on the subject.



Looks like we are finding oil more and more.


..not you, British Petrol...


ya you can't use any of that oil, remember?

haha :slightly_smiling:


I don't see why we are not, Let's let the free market find the oil and use it. This is possible the only thing that can soften the hyperinflation that's going to happen.


I thought you were boycotting the UK?

You know the B in BP, is for British right?


I also said that I may have jumped the gun on that(I am seeing that the people are really against that move). The more I look over there I am realizing I acted like an Asshat in that other thread.


It was like a joke dawg.

No hard feelings here.


I believe anything glen Beck says is half baked and would not stand to any scrutiny


I don't even believe that about Obama


Yeah, you're going to have to be a lot more specific than that. Could you maybe narrow it down to just a couple dozen or so of your Asshatiest threads?


Isnt their supposed to be a bunch of oil in Alaska? Also a few months ago their was some oil found in the gulf of Mexico. If I remember correctly we cant drill it but the Chinese are.