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Plan: Leaving TRT - Your Opinion Welcome

I am planning to go off TRT. The reason primarily is that it seems to be making it hard to urinate. TRT can worsen BPH (Benign prostatic hyperplasia). Everything else seems normal; this only became an issue on test, and is worst on days I inject. I am on Rapaflo but that interacts with other medicines I must take. Even on Rapaflo, I have issues.

The clinic where I get injections gave me this plan.

  • In what would ordinarily be the last month of testosterone, take two injections every 10 days, instead of 2x a week.

  • Starting from the last two weeks of TRT, start taking clomid. Take clomid those 2 weeks and 6 additional weeks (after stopping TRT). (The clomid will be dosed at 25 mg once a day for the 8 weeks.)

What do you all think of this plan? I’ve seen some different plans posted on this forum (I believe with how to handle HCG-which I also take, although no recommendation from my clinic on how to change or take after injections end.
Same goes for Anastrazole - no changes recommended from clinic). Welcome any suggestions.

Why not just get your prostate checked out first. All kinds of guys jumping ship. With the change trt made to my life i just cant imagine getting off. It would take a lot, like pissing razor sharp stones all day and losing pints of blood.


You can use Cialis to control benign prostatic hyperplasia, Cialis is the first ED drug to be approved by the FDA for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia. Cialis increases nitric oxide and is good for the penis and heart.

A review of the use of tadalafil in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia in men with and without erectile dysfunction

Epidemiological data link erectile dysfunction (ED) and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)-associated lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), two highly prevalent conditions in aging men, assuming common pathophysiological pathways. Tadalafil 5 mg once daily has been approved for the treatment of men with LUTS with or without comorbid ED. The aim of this review is to provide an overview of current knowledge on the epidemiological and pathophysiological links between ED and LUTS and to focus on tadalafil as a new treatment option in men with BPH-associated LUTS.

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I’d throw away the AI first and see what happens. You need to ditch it when you stop TRT anyway, and there’s no need to space out the last two injections like that - it won’t actually accomplish anything except delaying your natural production kicking back in. Seriously, ditch the AI first and see what happens, it’s unlikely that you actually nned it.


AI? Is that anastrazole? My estrogen levels went up fairly high without it.

Prostate checks come out normal, but I notice the difference before and after. I can’t seem to find any urologist who knows enough about test, and my test clinic isn’t the most educated on general medicine or urology. But overall you have a point, that I should investigate the theory more that test is causing this.

Interesting; thanks for sharing. Did not know that. I tend to get a clogged nose when I take Cialis; possible interaction with one of the many other meds I take. But yeah there may be other ways to deal with BPH as well.

This is your guy if you live in the USA:

Very progressive urologist expert in TRT

It could be that your levels are the lowest they have ever been because of the low dose topical and it’s causing issues.

If you take a daily dose those symptoms disappear. When you take as needed doses like 10 or 20 mg you tend to get symptoms.

I know. I take 5 mg daily. No symptoms. Other than a reliable erection. Cialis has many benefits. 2.5 also approved for bph. 5 good for bph and erection

Prostate need testosterone.

I Support you decision to cease. Like this if and when you go back on trt you will do so with confidence.

I hear guys that jump on trt without fully investigating cause, tend to want to stop trt. I was one of them. But being am 42 am staying on. If i was younger, maybe I would have stopped.

Also an AI I think should not be part of any restart protocol.

Anastrozole is an AI. What exactly is high? If you don’t have side effects, it’s probably not high for you. I’m significantly better at an E2 of around 70 than around 20, and newer research is poking a lot of holes in the idea that the current lab ranges for E2 are anything to actually pay attention to. You need estrogen for a lot of things, and you will be messed up in many many ways if you drive that number too low.

Yep living this right now. Felt awesome at an e2 of 65 and worse when lowered it but still at the high end of the range.