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Plan for Vegetarian Diet?



I´m wondering what to eat I guess, I know that nuts,beans,eggs got pretty good protine. I´m just
wondering how a high protein vegeterian diet will look like and what to think of. it would be
very much appreciated to see some examples!

Thank you for any advice.

(ps I will use protien shakes!)


A vegetarian diet will cut out a large portion of the best proteins available. If you are not "vegan" then I assume you can eat eggs (you mentioned) and milk, and cottage cheese. Those are probably your best options. Nuts, beans, tofu, and other legumes are pretty mild sources of protein at best.

In fact, there are a number of people on this site who would probably advocate avoiding tofu as a protein source altogether for hormonal reasons (although I don't know how much validity there is behind that).

-cottage cheese
-whey / casein supplements

Or you could start eating meat, and open up a world of possibility.


Yea I like meat, I eat meat at the moment. But me and my girlfriend are moving together she is vegiterian, and we are both students so money is a little bit tight to have both meat meals and vegetirian meals :confused:

But thank you for your help, greatly appreciated!


How is it more expensive? She has the duty to eat meat as much as you to not eat it.

She shouldn't ask you to not eat meat any more than you should make her eat meat.


Did you ever think of changing girlfriends for an omnivorous model?


My thoughts exactly.


I'm not forced to my own choice. she is using quorn=expensive soy products=expensive we dont got so much money.
I live in sweden and everything her is about 33-50% more expensive than in the states!

we cant afford both meat and quorn/soy products. that's just how it is


why not by half as much of each. Get some tuna or something.


Touche! (tuna) did not think of that.


soy products will kill you both. You arent headed down a fun path my friend.
I almost dont want to talk you out of this because I believe in population control but look into information before just assuming facts and heresay. Check out blogs and info from:

Matt Lalonde
Robb Wolf

Make your own choices, dont let someone make em for you.



Don't neglect your fats. It's a big mistake among those who switch to vegan/vegetarian eating.

My gf is vegan and she has a degree in Nutrition Science so she'd probably be better to answer your questions than myself in comparison. I'll see if she can post some info for you.

I must also echo hips4runnin, don't do this unless you are sure it's right for you. I grew up eating moose and reindeer, I still eat meat, and gf and I get along just fine. Make sure you are not changing who you are just for her.

At the same time I do not believe being vegan/vegetarian is wrong or makes you weak. Done correctly any eating style can work. Problem is most don't bother doing things correctly.

You should also search the articles on Tnation. they can help, start with this one:

and finally, nice log-in name :slightly_smiling:


Hello Fryderyk, I am not sure just how high protein you are looking to achieve in your diet (for reference, I am a small woman and I am ok with about 50-60 grams of protein per day), but I do think you can achieve it with a mix of eggs, dairy (cottage cheese and greek yogurt are high protein), nuts/seeds/legumes.

As far as the cost of being vegetarian or vegan, it CAN be less expensive, but it all in how you plan it. Buying dry beans from the bulk section of a grocery store is very cheap, much cheaper than canned beans, but it requires time in preparation. If you are looking for cheap and good quality food, you will have to invest time in the kitchen. Any more convenient foods, like Quorn, will be more expensive, and may also be lower quality nutrition (somewhat of a junk food).

If you are willing, growing your own green beans on even an apartment balcony can provide cheap and healthy food source of some protein, vitamins, and minerals. You have to find a what works for you. And yes, my love Barachiel is correct about healthy fats. Include things like coconut, avocados, flax or fish oil. I like using whole food sources as opposed to pill supplements because I love the taste of those foods, and whole foods will give you a variety of minerals, vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients.

Bottom line, always a trade off between cost, quality, and convenience.


The only issue I think vegans should watch (assuming they are knowledgeable about their diets) is for pernicious anemia caused by vitamin B12 deficiency. This is very common in vegans as B12 is only found in animal products (not necessarily meat, eggs and milk contain good amounts).


Fryderyk, I actually looked at a package of Quorn last night, and I found that it has no soy. It has protein derived from fungi (mushrooms). Still, it is a processed convenience food, so making it the basis for protein in your diet would be both expensive and nutritionally limiting.


Yea I know . But I do'nt really know how tight the money will be to be honest so we might squeeze in some meat for me, just want to be prepared for anything if the money is tight and consequences with vegetarian diet.

so the best vegetarian protein sources is?

-Cottage cheese
-Greek yoghurt

With a budget of almost 300 bucks per month for food in sweden is not a lot. but buying canned tuna that was mentioned earlier could that work?

I am trying to make this work and trying to do this right.


Out of that list I would focus on consuming eggs and the dairy items slightly less often. The bioavailability of eggs can't be beat, and at least in America, they're cheaper than cottage cheese and greek yogurt.

She must be one hell of a girlfriend to inspire you to give up meat.



Granted these article are dated and not specifically geared toward eating vegetarian, but hopefully it will give you some ideas for eating on a budget:



good luck


Thank you very much! I'll have a read. I'll see how our budget turns out the first month

P.S: I saw you liked my name. I took it from a famous composer (I am a music student) Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin if you know of him (I hope you do!).


Hi Fryderyk.I did both vegan(5yrs) and vegetarian(24yrs),but got back to eating some seafood (just never liked the look of meat,reminds me of accidents). Though I'm not a big guy,I went up to 170 at some time on that diet.
I took protein powder(found whey works better than soy and is less expensive per g)and B 12(sublingual).
For oil ground up flax seed in my oatmeal.(nuts were already mentioned,but almonds and walnuts were the highest p content I think).
Quinoa instead of rice or pasta,st bulgur wheat(both are pretty high in protein),looks a bit like birdfood.
Beans are pretty decent protein wise,I like black beans and chick peas(you can make hummus out of them,by adding lemon juice+olive oil, in a blender and put it on bread ).Mushrooms also contain a fair amount.
I also drank a lot of red. fat milk and did the 6 eggwhites/2 yolks scrambled eggs.
When I lived in germany,they had whole grain breads that contained 6-8g/p a slice.They also had a cream cheese called"quark",which is zero fat and about 14g/p in 100g and a hard cheese(looks yelly like)w similar stats.Good luck.


Just beware of man boobs with all that soy.