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Plan for the Next 12 Months

At the moment I am about:

(Converting from kg)

Age: 20
13% BF

1RM approx

Clean: 165lbs
Squat: 285lbs
Bench: 155lbs (sucks)
Deadlift: 300lbs

Lifting Experience: About two years although the first six months were rather duff as I wasn’t using proper technique because my coach at that time was a bit crap. I have an above average of fitness and post up about 6:40 for rowing 2k time, which is ok considering I only started training about two years ago.

For the next 12 months I am planning to take a break from rowing owing to time constraints, ie I can’t afford to spend loads time rowing, takes up maybe 3 hours every day incl faff. So I have decided to use my time well.

I have been looking at training programs on this website with a strength in mind but with interesting facets to them to prevent boredom. I was proposing to use cycles of about 3 months on each program with a week off at the end of each where I would retest myself, using the 3 Tape Measures of Progress http://www.T-Nation.com/article/performance_training/3_tape_measures_of_progress&cr=

So in total this is broadly what I came up with:

July-September: Velocity Diet till late August to get my BF down to a good base, The Shotgun Method from August till the end of September, just as a filler.

October-December: Beast Building 1-3

January-March: The Shotgun Method
April-June: Strength and Size

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I wouldn’t start out with the V-Diet (a sprint) but rather a longer term diet focusing on whole foods. Your bf (if you’re really 13) isn’t all that far away from what most consider to be optimal.

You should have no problem losing 2 lbs of fat/week without V-Dieting. (Actually if I were you, I’d just eat when hungry focusing on meat and vegetables while following your program, you’ll likely lean up and add muscle that way. you could definitely be carrying more weight on your frame).

Beast building would be good.

I just started Cressey’s maximum strength program (have the book). Would definitely recommend it, smart and balanced program.

The reason I am doing the V-Diet because it fits in with my summer placement where I don’t have a lot of weight maybe ~100kg at home and also I want to lose the few BF% I put on in the final weeks of my semester.

I have found a good 5x5 strength program from stronglifts.com. Joining the Four Plates club in 10 weeks looks awfully tempting. Thus I think the order will look something like this

July-October: V-Diet + 4 Weeks of Shotgun
October-December: 5x5

January-March: Beast Building 1-3
April-June: The Shotgun Method

13% isn’t a bad base to start

That’s what I’m saying.

Just eat smart (don’t binge) and you’ll likely lose BF anyway. Focus on getting stronger ASAP I’d say.