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Plan for Returning After Surgery



I am venturing back into the gym after surgery forced layoff. It feels like starting from scratch with significant loss of weight (which you know i didn't have much to start with), strength and movement quality. Is there a certain way I can structure and progress my training to address technique and weaknesses (i.e. lower back, explosiveness, strength - 4 main lifts + olympic variations). Maybe a bit of an open-ended question... basically I am thinking that this would be a great opportunity to build a solid base to comeback better.



Honesrtly the 10 days cycle posted in a few threads would be a good base plus I would add 50 snatch and 50 jerks with only the barbell at the beginning of the workout... no more than 5 reps per set, this is technique practice, not metabolic work.


Thank you CT. I will have to read up on the 10 day cycle and see how much of it I can do. I tried the 50 snatch/jerk today and had less jolts of pain at end which was pleasing.

Can the SGHP be used as an alternative to avoid the landing impact on some days? Also the jerk is just a more explosive push press and not a split jerk?


The high pull should not be used instead of the snatch .... the purpose of the 50 reps is to practice the olympic lifts. While the high pull is complex relative to a bench for example, it doesn't warrant such an investment in empty bar practice. For the jerk I prefer a split jerk.