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Plan for post surgery

I am going in to have a clavicle rebroken and pined back the way it should be. Right now it is overlapped, and about 15mm short. Which continues to cause a number of problems. Anyway I am a motorcycle road racer. So I do not train for mass, but more for endurance with a moderate amount of strength.

So my problem: I am going to have this done on Nov 15, but I need to be race ready by Feb 1 2003. Which only gives me about 11 weeks to recover. My Doctor says 8 weeks, which only leaves me 3 to get back into shape! What can I do to minimize my fitness losses. Then how best can I come back quickly? Any thought on any front would be very helpful. I would assume that after 4 weeks I should be able to start some training on a stationary bicycle, and leg work, but bear in mind they will be taking a bone graph from my hip to fill in the space in my clavicle.

One of the best tools we have used with our athletes for enhancing calcification is using a unit called QRS. It is electra magnetic pulse therapy. This unit works on the cell level as well as thinning the viscosity of the blood putting more oxygen in to the point of injury or repair. If you earn your living riding do what you can to get on this unit. The icing on the cake is using a hyperbaric chamber, amazing healing properties.

For info on QRS go to Quantronic.com speak with Bill Johnson at High tech health he can send you to someone in your area or provide you with an alternative to actually buying one. However, we use the QRS for everything from warm up to recovery, it is just another amazing tool from sports science. As far as supplements go there is a whole scale of things we have used however prior to this I would suggest getting your blood work done to see where you may be low. Our source for blood work counsel is Balco labs in San Fran they are on the web.These are the guys who are credited with inventing ZMA and have a track record of great results. The test is done at home by your Doc. and then sent to them, all quick and easy.

The actual rehab part is one that you want to address with a qualifed expert in other words you need somebody who is in the line of work that brings athletes back on to the playing field, always check the results. You do not want to fall victim to helping somebody get experience at your exspense and don not take it for granted becuase they are a PT that they will get the results you read about from other Pro athletes.

Keep asking questions.