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Plan for New Goals?


I have been lifting for 4 years now and would like to start going towards a bodybuilding or fitness model physique. I'm a 29 yr old male, 5'10" at 180 lbs, 32" waist. My bf %is roughly 11-14%. Some of my lifting stats are below. I would like to know what type of program I should start on both for exercises and nutrition. Thx. Sorry if i'm accidentally breaking etiquette, I'm new here :confused:

Deadlift: 335
Incline bench dumbells: 120's
Squat: 285
Standing barbell military press: 135
Bardip: BW + 135 = 215
Max pushups: 72
Max chins: 25
Tbar row: 180


You incline DB bench almost as much as you squat and almost double what you mil press?


You made me feel bad with that statement greg, I have the same around the same ratio with my DB incline and military press.



^^lol... What about the squat? That's the bad one.


Am I the only one going wtf on this one?


You mean with the terrible math? 180+135= 215? Maybe we should take a step back and rethink that


I don't post often, but when I do..

it's cause I think I figured out that he meant 1 35 lol


Crap, sorry guys it's actually:
Bardip: BW(180) 135 = 315.

My bad.


You dip more than you squat?? Still going wtf.


Which one is your primary goal?

From your stats above you have 158.4 pounds of lean body mass(LBM) (180*.12 = 158.4)
Even fitness models are larger than 158 pounds so either direction you go you will need to add more lean body mass. At this point in your lifting career you don't need to work on the spit and polish as much as the mass-adding. For this reason you don't need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to lifting and diet.

Continue to eat a high protein diet and maybe look into leangains, carb cycling, or anabolic diet for that. (those seem to big the most popular right now)

As for a program... KingBeef323 has a really good one posted in the "Do This Routine Instead of That Dumb One" thread. I recommend you read the whole thread.


Perhaps the consensus is I should train legs and overhead press more...? :confused:

But more specifically, at this stage of my training life, is there a typical approach to take to gear towards the "look good naked" goal?


Perfect! Thx JLone; this will keep me going for awhile.
I think I need to up my overall training volume from the looks of things.

(My primary goal is more the fitness model physique, but I guess I need to gain mass either way.)


I'm actually your height and working towards the exact same goal. Trust me, you need to get yourself up to at least 230 and fairly lean (~15% BF) if you want to get a fitness model physique. That's about what it will take if you want to get down to the "average" stats for your height which would be close to 200lbs 8% body fat.

Your focus should be mass building for the next couple of years.


jskrabac: your physique is similar to mine actually. So do you think that KingBeef program above is a good plan or are you targeting specific muscle groups to focus on more of a V-shape? (I'm ignorant as to how one gets to look like a cannonball powerlifter vs. a fitness model!)


You train to keep growing, period. Right now I'm training in the 2-6 rep range on most compound lifts and getting as strong as I can while I'm gaining. It's nothing magical, just what gets me growing the most. Just don't neglect anything. Target the mind muscle connection on every lift so you feel the muscle working that you are targeting on that lift.

It's also somewhat important to stay relatively lean (no I'm not saying do a ultra slow lean gains approach), but lean enough that you can actually maintain an idea of what you will look like when you finally do cut down.

IMO it's not as polarized as you are implying. Take any of your "cannonball powerlifters" and get them cut down to 8% body fat and I guarantee you can get them some gigs!

Another thing worth noting, because after all fitness models are typically used to sell something, they all have fairly big arms. Don't neglect your arm training.