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Plan For Jr. College Basketball


Hey, k my situation is that i live in the city right now, but i am moving about 7 minutes outta town on an aceridge. this play has a big farm house quanset where i will setup a basketball court and do all my running and etc, with a weight room in town about 1 min away from my house. out there i feel i was be more focused being by myself alot more and stuff and since i have strong dedication nad a love for training and bettering myself... think terrel owens type of drive.

i play a shooting gaurd/PG...so right now i am basically still liftin and runnin alot more.. just not working on my game as much since the wether is getting colder.. but with the quanset,.. it is heated and cemented so i feel i can work on my game at any time of the day. i have camps for 2 junior colleges in the spring.. i also hear the alot of nba players do what im doin now... lift weights and gain mass and strength.. and then after that.. get into running, and after that.. then do things with the ball.

right now i guess u could say im just liftin and running right now.. and enjoying the rest of the time in the city with my buddies for the last month here since i wont be around as much as before. gimme your thoughts. thanks.


As far as lifting weights, since you're a guard you should focus mostly on developing explosiveness and your vertical (think squats, deadlifts, etc). Although it can be helpful (depending on your game), there isn't as much need for a lot of upper body mass.

I wouldn't recommend you follow the strategy of waiting to "do things with the ball". On the contrary, you should be in the gym on a daily basis, working on your shooting, passing, and ball-handling skills. Every good player I've ever played against got that way through endless hours on the court. Find someone experienced who can teach you the finer points of the game; this will save you a lot of time, and make you into a much better player. You may also want to do your conditioning work first, since practicing after lifting will teach you how to shoot when you are fatigued.

And like I said, work on your skills (especially shooting) every day until they become automatic.


i get what your saying. so as long as i put in the hardwork out there.... even though im not playing on a league team this fall.. i can still become a better player and make a junior college team? i will still be playing alot of pickup when i can, but my practise will mostly consist of indiviudal work outs? is this alright?