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Plan for Advancing from 15-5-15 Pull-ups to 30-10-30?

Hi Dr Darden-

What approach would you recommend for achieving 30-10-30 on pull-ups?
Anyone out there have any success along this path?
Thanks for your help

My son Tyler can do chin-ups in the 30-10-30 style. Before he tried them, he could do 18 regular chins. And he could do negative-only chins with 140 pounds for 8 reps.

I would suggest that you work on doing regular chins once a week. Also, do negative-only chins with added resistance once a week.

You have a strong son.What was the time on the weighted eccentrics?

On the negative-only chins with 140 pounds around his hips, he would climb up quickly to the top position and lower himself in 4-5 seconds.