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plain yogurt

Hi folks. Anybody have any ideas for making plain yogurt palatable? I was thinking of getting some cocoa or one of those no sugar pudding mixes to put in. any other ideas? thanx much.

Since you’ll be eating it with your carb and protein meals, try adding some fruit such as banana. A little bit of a fruit spread with minimal added sugar can help as well. However, I tend to add protein powder and it really helps.

is’nt the point of eating plain yogurt to have less carbs and calories? If you don’t like the taste of it and don’t mind the extra calories----buy the flavoured kind! If not you just have to suck it up and eat it plain.

If you buy a quality natural yogurt like Stoney Field (in the NE) there is very little difference (respect to additives and calories) between the plain and the french vanilla. I never eat the regular stuff. Do some label comparisons. I think a lot of time the diets outlined say plian yogurt because they don’t want people sucking down that Yoplait crap!

I usually eat it with either fruit mixed in, nutrasweet mixed in, or nutrasweet and one serving of All Bran cereal. It’s not fucking cheesecake, but it’s not that bad either.

Try some relativity!

Replace your yogurt with plain low fat cottage cheese for a period of time, then switch back to yogurt! You’ll think it was vanilla icecream :wink:

thanks for the suggestions everyone. after posting this i thought that maybe yogurt would mix well with some natural PB. might be tasty.

Die nadel: believe it or not I have had both and find plain yogurt quite nasty but i can down plain cottage cheese without a problem. kinda weird i guess :slight_smile:

Splenda or Equal in plain yogurt makes it taste awesome without adding calories.

Splenda will sweeten things up with no added sugars. I like to put in a dash of nutmeg on occasion too.

A beautiful post-workout meal (that is, after your Surge or Surge-like derivative)…non-fat, plain yogurt, low-carb grow and low-fat granola. It’s beautiful, man.