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The majority of T-Nationers are already deep into fitness. My question to all of you out there is what’s holding back everybody else? The every day joe blow type who doesn’t know a curl from a squat but is trying to get stronger, better looking, or healthier.

Do they just not care? Is it intimidation of gyms? Is it the mass amount of information out there, making it so hard to chose a program or certain exercises most people just give up?

Everybody had to start somewhere and I still remember being an clueless gym rat doing 40 sets of bicep curls because some muscle mag told me so.

I still get intimidated sometimes by the amount of information out there and it’s constantly growing. So personally I think it’s the staggering amount of information out there that’s one of the prime culprits in detering would be gym goers.

I want to hear from you because I know that you had to start somewhere and I know there had to have been challenges to get started so sound off. Maybe somebody who’s on the fence post will read this post and make the jump.

TMI is an excuse for people who don’t want to dig deeper.

My belief is people care, but not enough. Like they care about children starving in Africa, or homeless people, or global warming.

Good point. I will definitely agree with you that there is a large number of people out there who are just not interested in fitness and don’t care.

But for those that do care about trying to get bigger, stronger, healthier. Do you think they can sort through the bullshit as easily as somebody who has been frequenting T-Nation for a number of years?

What about all those dogmas and misinformation? Women get big when they lift weights. Do cardio at 60% for half an hour to burn fat. Squats are bad for the knees.

It’s a lack of will power.

How many dudes tell you how they’d like to work out, but they wouldn’t want to get “That Big”, pointing at your body? Then when you tell them not to worry, it would take years they give you that puzzled look.

These so-called Fitness Centers make their money from people who join in January and disappear by March, but keep paying fees. Get the sheep in for the slaughter.

If people would stop buying the Ab-Lounge, thigh master, Chuck Norris autographed Super Duper 3000x Total Gym… They all make great dust collectors.

Getting and staying in shape is not easy. It’s painful, exhausting, later exhilarating. Most don’t get to the good part. It’s easy to find excuses to not go to the gym. People know they should go, even say they’re gonna go but keep finding reasons not to. People keep smoking after the first heart attack, too.

It takes a great deal of will power to continue through a program until it becomes a lifestyle. Most people don’t have it. That’s why we’re the 1, they’re the 99.

[quote]Arms Afire wrote:

It takes a great deal of will power to continue through a program until it becomes a lifestyle. Most people don’t have it. That’s why we’re the 1, they’re the 99.[/quote]

Great point! I definitely agree that’s its a lifestyle change that takes a lot of time and energy outside the gym as well. Most people don’t realize this and thus have a hard time incorporating everything. I’m still learning and it’s damn hard but definitely worth it for me!