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Plague of the Lady Bugs

Never seen anything like this before. One of the bedrooms had about a thousand lady bugs on the ceiling, with pockets of them bunched together.
vacuumed them fuckers up, took a good while but they’re gone.

Anyone had lady bug problems before?

Yeah, back in Connecticut one side of the house was covered, it was quite shocking the first year it happened. From a distance I had no idea what the hell was going on. No problems up here though, probably too far north.

I remember seeing this on the news a while ago, can’t remember where it was but it was exactly what you guys are describing, hordes of lady bugs covering entire trees, walls, ceilings etc.

Don’t worry. They aren’t the flesh eating kind. Probably.

Lady Bugs?? Cake walk compared to bed bugs and stink bugs.

Whats with this explosion of bug populations as of late?

You would have had a dynamic painted ceiling aha.

We get BAD amount of stink bugs in spring-summer.

Stink bugs are out of control here too. It was earwigs a few years ago, but I have only seen a few of those this year.

a few years ago we had the lady bug epidemic here in chicago. you had to be real careful whenever you went outside bc they were all of the walls and doors, so as not to let them in. theyll die off eventually.