Plagiarism: CC, CT You Might Want to Look at This

I didn’t read it word for word, but if I am not mistaken, the following is CT’s work, on some one else’s blog…

What to do?

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A literal copy and paste job, nice. The guy wasn’t even considerate enough to keep the video links active smh

Well I won’t even bother to go read it… I think that if it is a copy and paste, the guy is doing a stupid job because if people read the article then google it to see if there is more on the topic, find my article and see that it is exactly the same, he will look like an idiot. Now, if T-nation want to send our black-ops team, that’s up to them.


That’s cool then…you take it very calmly…not much you can do about it I suppose…these internet guru’s, pft…

Just thought I would throw it out there…

Yeah, you probably drove more traffic to his blog from posting it here than he’s gotten the whole time that post’s been up.

I’ll let the editing team know, so they can bring the pliers and blowtorch.