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Placing of Sprint Sessions with Four Day 5/3/1 Plan


Where do you guys place your sprint sessions on this plan? I'm talking of REAL sprints-100, 200, or 400 meters on a track- here, not intervals on a treadmill.


My current layout is:
Saturday - Press
Sunday - Deadlift
Monday - Off
Tuesday - Bench
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Squat
Friday - Off

I generally do sprints (albeit they are generally hill sprints) late Sunday afternoons, Tuesday evening, Thursday evening, or Friday evening. Some weeks I manage three sessions (i.e. Sun, Tue, Thu); others only one or two sessions.


I had the same problem as well. Best thing was definitely the same day as squats or deadlifts. The only difficulty is that you have to fit in an early morning workout and/or do this on the weekends.


Wendler says to do conditioning or sprints any time except the day before lower body lifting.


Ideally, right after each session, unless your scheduling puts an upper day immediately before a lower. I agree with Dave101 that doing a sprint session the day before your squat or deadlift day is a bad idea.

But a lot of it has to do with your individual scheduling. I live in a city so it was tough to find an open track. Sometimes, I would drive to a park after the 5/3/1 session when I was working out in the A.M., but this literally added 30-40 minutes to each session with all the driving.

If I were to go back to this plan, I would do the sprints in the A.M. and the lifting in the P.M. like this:

Day 1: AM - off PM - DL 5/3/1
Day 2: AM - off PM - off
Day 3: AM - Sprint PM - Bench 5/3/1
Day 4: AM- Sprint PM - off
Day 5: AM - off PM - Squat 5/3/1
Day 6: AM - off PM - Press 5/3/1
Day 7: AM - Sprint PM - off

This puts about 36 hours minimum between the sprint/lower sessions and gives you one whole day off. I don't really think you would need more than 3 sprint days, esp if they are actual sprints on a track. But, if you really needed that 4th day, I'd put them on day 6 in the A.M.

But as I said above, I think right after is the best if you can make it work, and I would follow the same lifting pattern. Hope that was helpful.


I usually do my sprints or hard conditioning on Wednesday and Saturday. I'll do a couple lower impact walking or bike riding sessions on the other days but I don't really stress out about this to much.

For clarity, conditioning consists of one or a combination of 100yd hill sprints, 40yd suicides (either run straight, forward-backward, or left-right shuffle), box jumps, or 1mi for time. I don't have a track so I work with what I can.


Thanks people.


That's literally the only time I do it hahaha!

If I go out for hardcore sprints, it's on Sunday. Monday is squat day, but it doesn't seem to mess with anything.


Well, I guess the advice is meant for people who can actually squat something decent.

@Brick: I decided to hit some proper sprints first thing in the morning (fasted), starting tomorrow. Will see how that goes. Late afternoons will be strength training.


So nobody in the thread except you eh jerkoff? You make a good internet enemy.


I don't do 5/3/1 but still sprint at least once/week.

I've found that sprinting in the a.m. and hitting legs in the p.m. of the same day is convenient. (but most certainly not vice-versa)



Guessing you're more focused on conditioning as opposed to performance? If that's the case, just run after your lower days. I'd also keep effort at 80-90% for the most part, and the longer your runs, the shorter your "sets." After lifting, there's probably no need to cover more than a thousand yards (total) for conditioning.


I just wanna remain in shape as I gain strength and some muscle.



Every weekday morning at 5.30.pm
5 - 10 rounds (varying weights, distances and set ups)
Sled pushes/pulls with sprints (pull/push then let go and run!)
SAQ training (Speed Agility Quickness)
Loaded carries
I then swim for 20 minutes after (sprints or standard lengths)
I do CrossFit Mon/Thurs and run just about each other evening (usually 1KM, then weight circuit. 1KM ...repeat for 5-10KM as I'm training for a 'Tough Mudder' obstacle course event next month and am attempting to simulate the run - obstacle/strength format.

I feel really lively all day after my AM session, and am improving my time/distance when running on a weekly basis.



Does it depend at all on the distance? I mean, I can do 3x25 and 2x50 six days a week, but I'd be hard pushed to do 400m sprints more than once a week, and I definetly wouldn't want to do them the same day as squatting and deadlifting. Just a thought.


Thanks for all the responses.


Overall, I think this thread did well.