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Places You've Lived

Born in Salem, OR. Lived there 18 years.
Moved to Corvallis, OR for college.
Got a job, moved to Sandpoint, ID.

Not that exciting.

Born on Planet Vegeta

Adopted as a baby and raised on Earth in Mount Paozu

I traveled a lot and spent time in various places: Aru Village, Fire Mountain, Papaya Island, Jingle Village, Penguin Village, Demon Realm, Korin Tower, Kami’s Lookout, Other World, Namek, Planet Yardrat, New Namek, West City, Sacred World of the Kais, Imecka, Gelbo, M-2, Hell, Dead Zone, New Planet Vegeta, and Dark Planet.

[quote]Ripsaw3689 wrote:
Not that exciting.[/quote]
I might have you beat.

Born and grew up in Westbury, NY.
Moved 15 minutes away, to East Meadow, NY for 3 or 4 years.
Moved to the literal other side of the tracks in Westbury, NY. About 8 minutes from original house.