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Places to Order Bars?


After much consideration and research I've decided to purchase a women's competition bar and stop using the men's bar. If I ever choose to compete I'm going to have to use the women's bar after all....

After trying to sort out google searches, I'm left even more confused on who to order from...so my question is for those of you who train at home or have your own weights/bars who is the best to order from, I don't need a top of the line bar but would like to get a nice middle of the road one.



http://www.pendlaybarbell.com/ They have two classes of bars; bushing and bearing bars. The bushing bars are great for the money; the bearing bars are just awesome. Both are available in 15kg.


Thank you so much!


eleiko. If you can afford it that is, there popular for a reason.


This. The most common bar youll find in competition is an eleiko bar so if you plan on competing you might as well train how youll play. Ive seen lifters use bars that arent used for the competition only to miss lifts because 'the bar feels weird.'



Eleiko is too damn rough for me. Pendlay's are great.


i miss the eleiko bar i used to train with so very much :frowning:


Eleiko = ripped callous central, for me.

Pendlay bearing bars = the best fucking bar ever. I've tried Werksan, York, Eleiko, DHS (Chinese brand), etc... Pendlay is the best. My opinion is right. moohahaha


I'm pretty sure most people will agree that elekio is the best. Pendlay is too springy for squatting. YOU ARE WRONG!!!!


I love my Pendlay bushing bar. I have a cheap bar that I use for squatting though. Never used an Eleiko.


IMHO, if you are in the US, you will see Werksan and Eleiko in comps most of the time, especially National meets. I have a ZhangKong bar, but I don't think you can get those anymore here in the States. I've lifted on Eleiko, Werksan, Pendlay, ZhangKong, York and Useaka bars. Here's my ranking of them - Eleiko and WErksan were pretty much the same to me (best bars I've ever lifted on), then my ZhangKong (only because the knurling is somewhat smooth), then the Pendlay and York (I liked both, but would prefer the Pendlay over the York), and finally the Usaeka (pretty much b/c the knurling will rip your hands to shreds!!!).


My york is adequate. Doesnt snap the way id like though.

Whats the difference between a bearing and a bushing bar?


The difference is in the spin of the shaft. A bushing bar will not have the smooth, free spinning motion of a bearing bar. For most people who are just looking to do some Oly lifts as part of their other training, then bushing bars are just fine for them. However, if you are wanting to compete in Oly lifting, then you need to really consider getting a bearing bar.

I.e. there is a difference in the construction between the sleeves and the shaft.


How about Ivanko bars? Do they make any for oly lifting?

I've read that Ivanko make some bars from 100% stainless steel, so there's no chrome plating that can chip away.


That makes sense. Thanks.