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Places to Get Exercise Equipment?


I'm looking to get some exercise equipment.Where are some good places,brands etc. to look into.Specifically I'm interested in a power rack and incline/decline bench.


Well, EliteFTS.com has the best racks available. They aren't cheap though. However, if a bomb went off in your house, the only thing left standing would be that rack.

They have some home gym combo packages that are really nice and reasonably priced for the quality of the equipment you get. Plus, Dave Tate is a stand-up guy and will make sure to take care of you.

Check out the web-site, he actually has a lot of great info on there in addition to the online store.

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Yeah,I've checked out EliteFTS and it looks like good stuff....but like you said ,pricey.
I'm looking for something a little more,uhmmmm....affordable.I'm sure you get what you pay for but right now there stuff is out of my range.


You might try http://www.bsolympicgym.com/ Call Scott up and talk to him about getting a customer made Squat Rack. His prices are good and the quality is exellent.


But how many cheaper racks are you going to end up buying after beating them up over the years?

If you buy from elitefts, you'll only buy one...

That's the logic I'm using for when I'm ready to buy my own home equipment (and also what I'm going to use when trying to convince my wife)

(I don't get any royalty checks from them either :wink:




How about olympic bumper weights? I. Hate. University. Gyms.


If your power rack doesn't come with one of these get one, it fits it any doorway and you don't have to drill holes.



I like looking at newspaper classifieds and craigslist. Most people never use the new and expensive exercise equipment that they buy, or are willing to get rid of stuff for cheap when they upgrade. I've always thought the T-Nation should have an equipment swap section.


So we could encourage all the normals to come here and sell us their cool stuff?