Places to Buy Supps in Europe?

want to pick up some rtd protein shakes and bars while in europe is there a chain like vitaminshoppe or gnc there?

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I’ve never seen a supplement shop in paris, and i come there now and then for work. they don’t sell that stuff in pharmacies either like they do in the states.
I don’t think it’s easy to find an actual shop in the italian cities, i’m not sure though, again I’ve never seen a vitamin or supp shop in Rome and Venice. I bet you can buy supps in Rome but probably not in the tourist area’s.
In reykjavik there must be a lot of shops, in scandianavian countries in particular i’ve seen a lot of supplement shops in all the cities.
There are no chains like gnc across europe, not even in a lot of european countries.
The supp-shop that I have been in usually have national brands and the famous international big boys like Universal, BSN,…

Hope it helps and have fun while visiting europe!