Placement of Running & Squat/Deadlifts

Where do people who run place their running in their training week? I’m not running much right now, only twice per week, but am struggling with whether to put the runs the day before or the day after squatting and pulling. I’m running Sheiko right now, so I’m either squatting or pulling three times a week, which makes fitting running in a little tough. Right now I’ve opted to do my running the day after squatting, but I’m curious as to where others place their running.

only speaking for myself, but i run after my squats, not only is my adrenaline through the roof thus making my run easier (well to me at least)

but i use it as a nice warm down after a good leg/squat workout, and im not talking about high intensity running drills but a mere 7-8 minute/mile run cause im not trying to injure my self and my joints are fine, i really think its up to you and what your goals are.

and I run 3 times a week jog 2 times. pretty much run every day, it depends on how heavy im lifting is when i decide if im going to run first thing in the morning or immediately after my workout…

it depends…what is the goal for running. I used a medium-fast mile to warm up the legs when I was pulling and squatting a lot.

^^ depends on goal, how much and how hard. I’m not sure how old you are but I’ve learned the hard way mixing too intense running with intense deadlifting just leads to hamstring pulls.

[quote]Airtruth wrote:
^^ depends on goal, how much and how hard. I’m not sure how old you are but I’ve learned the hard way mixing too intense running with intense deadlifting just leads to hamstring pulls.[/quote]

lol…true fact. That’s why its only a mile and its about 80-85%. I hurt myself pretty good combining a squat workout with a sprint workout. I haven’t attempted anything over 300, since I had my rectus femoris re-attached. Deads, squats and running may lead to over-training.

Like the others said, it’d depend on goals.

I usually have a 5 to 10 mins moderate run on a slight incline after a heavy deadlift/ squat session.

On light leg days, I will finish the workout with 10 rounds of sprints on a steep hill or the highest incline on the treadmill.

I’m 33, 245 pounds and I powerlift. I ran a half marathon (slowly) in June. I’ve got a meet in a couple of weeks and after that I want to start up with running again, likely two times per week, for moderate distance (3-4 miles at the most) while also continuing on the Sheiko workouts. Generally speaking, Sheiko has two days where you squat and bench and one day where you deadlift and bench. I’m considering placing the running before and after the deadlift day. My main goal is to get stronger while continuing to run some. Thoughts?

So it sounds like you’re running just to run? Are you trying to keep a certain weight? Are you working on your general fitness? Are you running just to clear your head?

I ask simply because you could look at other activities like sprints if you were looking at general fitness. That said, 3 0r 4 miles isn’t that much and especially not if you’re the type who likes to run. I would be more apt to add the running on the same day as your squats if at all possible just to help maximize your recovery. But that might not be possible. If I were in your shoes I would probably try to put as many days as possible between when I’m squatting and when I’m running. You might try running after you’ve completely run your Sheiko cycle.


Just running for the sake of running. I enjoy it, it gets me outside and it is cardiovascular work that I’ll consistently do. I’m going to finish things out with the current cycle, have my meet and then I’m going to run another Sheiko cycle. I’ll try mixing the running into that one now that I’m a little more used to the volume of Sheiko cycles. Thanks for the input everybody.