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Placement of Hill Sprints?

Hello CT,

In the past few years I have moved to upper-lower and full-body splits because my aim is not aesthetics-oriented bodybuilding and it likely never will be again.

I would like to do the Spartan run or other mud-obstacle race in the Fall. So I have moved to a full body program in order to open up more days for running. So far I have one long run, one fartlek run, and one moderate-intensity run. It’s not a complicated approach but my endurance has improved greatly.

My question is: where would you place a hill sprint session if on a full body program? Do you think it’s advisable to do an upper lower split if wanting to do hill sprints to decrease the frequency of weight sessions for legs? If I were to do upper-lower I’d still keep three weight sessions per week. I know they have an impact on recovery, like anything else, but my legs rarely get sore these days.

Thanks for all the work you do here.

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Fwiw brick I am doing a lot of running at the moment and this is my layout

Mon - lower body day
Tuesday - high intensity runs, usually intervals like 600 or 800s
Wednesday is sort of a full body BW circuit
Thursday is another high intensity day run focus
Fri - upper body
Saturday - long run in zone 3 30-120min
Sun - recovery/stretch etc.

Leaves me really about three days of recovery between high intensity runs and a lower body day.

So far I’ve had no issues with recovery, but I am eating everything in sight

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Thank you.

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Oh and every 2nd to third week my Saturday run will be hill runs. Longer steeper hill than a traditional hill sprint though

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If you’re adding sprints as an additional workout, it’s probably best to perform them before one of your lifting sessions, and consider slightly reducing lower body volume on that day. If you’re swapping a running workout for Hill sprints, make Hill sprints the last session in your week, and reduce the lower body lifting volume in the lifting session prior

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