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Placebo'd mMself


I had a strange experience yesterday in the weightroom. I'm currently on my 3rd cycle of 5/3/1 and am in the first week of it. Yesterday was deadlift day and for my last all out set I was prescribed for 270 (don't hate on the weight, I'm working on it). I look at my previous sheets and see that the week before I had gotten 265 for 8 reps and had made a side note that said "tough 8". So I'm going into this set thinking, shit, I'll be satisfied if I can get 8, but I don't know if I can get it.

So I do the set, get 8 reps and am satisfied. Someone next to me (it's a college weightroom so it gets crowded and people talk too much) says did you just pull 280 for 8 reps? To which I reply "no, it's 270"...he informs me that it is in fact 280, so I look at it again and see that he is correct. It just goes to show that the mind can limit the body and by my own stupidity, I placebo'd myself to prove that fact. Sorry if this story was anti-climatic lol


musta been taking some of dat dere "placebo-tech hardcore pro series nanoparticulated hyper-dispersion capsules with triple microfilterized reverse osmosis glutamine peptides hydrosylate extra plus"


I know I have a story similar to this but can't recall it right now. What I mean is one time I also miscalculated and did more than I thought I could.


Yeah. Sometimes not knowing how much you are moving is good, especially if you are intimidated by numbers.

I've tricked a few people into moving a good bit more than they thought they could.


not to burst your bubble, but you're talking about the difference between 5 and 15 pounds on a deadlift....I'm not criticizing the magnitude of the weight you are lifting, just the miniscule difference that exists here.


it's the mental factor that made it post-worthy


I hear ya Jerseykevinm, I have a story similar to this one as well.

My old training partner had a huge mental block when it came to pulling 4 plates for the first time. So one day I told him to leave the training room and I'll set up his weight for him. He leaves, the bar was loaded already with 385~ish (usual plate setup). I strip it down to 315 and then put it up to 410 by adding in 10's, 5's, 2.5's in no particular order on either side so that when he came back down ready to lift, he couldn't count the weight on the bar. He pulls the weight no problem, got a pr, and finally graduated to 4 plates.

I've actually seen this work on more than one occasion, both when the plate loaders did it on purpose and on accident. The mind is a great thing, but it can hinder as much as it can help.


Sometimes the minuscule DOES make a huge difference.



who's a good little man?

Iron Dwarf is!


yea, he is


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Spoken like a true dwarf. :slight_smile:


It's true man. Every time I go overseas and hit the weight room I end up lifting more weight than I thought I could because of KG vs. LBs


^^^ That's something I thought of to explain the dismal weights the guys here in Taiwan frequently do.

I mean a guy decked out in a muscle shirt, compression shorts or Speedos or whatnot, with gloves and elbow sleeves etc. and literally doing 7.5lb DB bench or 10lb Db curls etc. etc.

I thought maybe they think the numbers on the dumbbells are in kilos but they're in pounds. Taiwan is metric by the way.


prouda you.