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Place your bets

Step right up and place your bets kids. Make your arguements for who will partake in wup & whos azz will be wupp’d at UFC 44 on Sept. 26th.

Heres the card:
Tito Ortiz vs. Randy Couture
Tim Sylvia vs. Gan McGee
Andre Arlovski vs. Vladimir Matyushenko
David Loiseau vs. Jorge Rivera
Rich Franklin vs. Edwin Dewees
Dave Strasser vs. Karo Parisyan
Jeremy Jackson vs. Nick Diaz
Hermes Franca vs. Caol Uno
Josh Thomson vs. Gerald Strebendt

Giving a special holla to my friend Jeremy Jackson whos making his UFC debut against Gracie fighter Diaz. Jeremy is strong as hell and packs a serious punch. He will partake in wupping.

“No big wup, just wup” -Mike Meyers in Coffee Talk

I am going with Randy over Tito.

Randy’s a former heavyweight, and will come in heavier, stronger.

I like Tito I like his attitude think he has come a long way from the ground and pound to become a more all around fighter

Tito vs. Randy is a real close call.
ko: don’t know if Couture will be heavier as Tito is huge for a light heavy, usually at 215 or so at fight time.

That said I think Randy has the edge in boxing and fighting from the clinch.

Then again I haven’t seen Couture KO anyone with punches, but Tito is real aggressive with his elbows and knees.

Tito will try to make him work off his back but he’ll have a helluva time taking Randy down and keeping him there.

Close fight but I think it’ll come down to who out-thinks the other and implements their strategy - in other words: Couture.

BTW Tito is gonna be on Leno tonight (Friday) showing some MMA moves

Sorry, by “tonight” I meant tomorrow :slight_smile:
Tito is on Jay Leno Friday night.

Just back from Asia so am missing a day somewhere.