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Place to Go in August?


i'm new to the forum, I'm 24yo and from Belgium Europe.

Anybody knows a great place to go on vacation in August?
I want hot weather (preferably humid too), decent gym to train in (with squat rack), a beach, and nice girls and partys (day time pool parties are a plus).
I went to Rio de Janeiro and it's da shit, but it could be too cold in August.
I'm heard good things about Miami. But quite expensive.
Other ideas?


Scotland has some AWESOME beaches and blistering sunshine pretty much throughout the year! You really cannae go wrong in the bonnie land of Scots!


You want hot and humid in August? Try New Jersey.

But Florida is probably a better choice.


Augusta would be the obvious choice.


YAS! In before the Americans.

This tourist is mine bitches!


Southeast Asia
the southern states
the edge of a hot tub


Who the fuck actively looks for high humidity as a plus for a vacation spot... maybe I'm just sick of it having lived next to a giant ass lake my whole life.



The women that are



Hahahahaha... epically misleading.


In all seriousnes your answer is vegas for heat girls and pool parties.

Can't promise on the humidity I think its dry IIRC.

And there MUST be a good gym somewhere in Vegas no?


Nantucket Island, MA...not sure if theres a gym there anymore though.


Tampa....ROCKIN' CITY!!!


Well, if Jay Cutler and some other athletes (Floyd Mayweather Jr) live there, there MUST be a good gym somewhere.

Plus, there's an In-N-Out and a Costco. After carbon, those are the building blocks of life.


You know how in the Scarlet Letter they would build a church and a prison with the founding of each new town? (I'm pretty sure it was mentioned in that novel)? Well, the modern equivalent is a Costco and an In n Out.


hahahaha....really...:slight_smile: I didnt know there was a Costco there now...:slight_smile: Been a couple years since I've been on the island. Thanks for ths info tho....:slight_smile:


oops sorry PonceDeleon....you meant Vegas right? Duh! I must pay closer attention..:slightly_smiling:


Fuck all the answers above. Go to MIAMI.


Might as well come to Miami, hell thats what all the other tourists do...beaches, wimmenz, heat, etc


Yes, take your talents to South Beach.


Nantucket? Yea that'll be fun for about two fuckin' seconds until the snobby ass locals treat like a second class citizen ... fuck that island ... Same goes for Martha's Vineyard too ... It's LAAAAAME ... honestly though I would never recommend anyone vacation anywhere in Massachusetts UNLESS they wanted to visit Boston for the historic aspect.

There are TONS of better, nicer, cheaper places to visit


I really have no idea what you're suggesting here...