Place to Crash in CO Thursday night


Does anyone here that I know that isn’t a complete freak want to let me crash at their place this Thursday?

I just bought a car in Phoenix AZ off Ebay and I’ll be driving it back to the lovely Midwest. Looking for something between Pueblo and Denver.

How do we know you’re not a complete freak? :slight_smile:

I’m about 99% freak, so I’m not complete - I just don’t want to run into anyone that is 100%.

I’m 31, married, etc. Not looking to kill anyone or pillage my way home.

I live in St. Louis. You can stay on my couch.

Last time I checked, St Louis wasn’t anywhere in Colorado.

Thanks for the offer though!



Give ~karma~ a PM. Never know what might happen.

I didn’t think ~Karma~ was even on this board anymore, maybe I need to get off the Steroid board more often.

I used to live in Phoenix,may i suggest you hit up one of its many fine Strip joints while you are there…Look for the Alaskan Bush Company it is on Grand ave. and around 25th or 27th ave…just trying to help out…

You guys are so helpful it’s great! I only wish I were looking for a strip club in Phoenix or needed a place to crash in St. Louis.

Since we’re on such a roll, does anyone have a Swiss Ball I can use to squat on?


I live in Boulder. This is out of your way, but not by much. You can crash at my place. Let me know if this works for you ASAP.

PM me.


I have a treehouse with an old couch in it.

what about ms. vedder? she’s not postin here anymore either.

There we go!

Thanks for the offer. Boulder would be about a 14 hour drive, so depending on how long the paperwork takes, it might be a bit out of reach. (Picking it up in Phoenix ~ 10:00 am)

Just find a college, pretend to be wasted at a party, and crash in the fraternity house. I don’t think anyone will kick you out.


I think I’d look for a sorority.

Great idea, Sacko! In fact, I think I’ll give that a try, except why the hell pretend to be drunk?


Look for a hostel. Hostels are very economical, if money is an issue.

I’m pretty sure there’s a website where you can locate hostels. :-))

Where are all of those people from the Colorado T-Cell when you need them? Sheesh! :slight_smile:

You should have said you were going to be returning from picking up a big load of Roids in Mexico. You probably would have gotten a lot of offers for a free room then. BTW, you can use my hayloft here if it isn’t out of your way. CT is very close to CO alphabetically. hehehe

Well, you said that you were traveling in the midwest, so I thought I would offer you a place to stay if you were coming by. Hey, at least I tried :slight_smile: