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PL Workout


This is a PL type workout I've designed for strength, with significant hypertrophy.

Can anybody critique?


Flat BB Press - 10 x 3 at 70-80%
Arnold Press - 4 x 6-8
BB Rows - 3 x 8-10
OH DB Extension - 3 x 8-10
BB Curl 3 x 8-10


Box Squat - 12 x 3, working on speed and form
Leg Press - 4 x 6-8
Romanian DL - 4 x 6-8
Hyperextensions - 3 x 8-10
ABS - 3 x 8-12


Flat BB Press - 12 x 3, working on speed and form
Rack Lockouts - 4 x 6-8
Military Press - 4 x 6-8
Pull Downs - 3 x 8-10
Cable Curl - 3 x 8-10


Box Squat - 10 x 3 at 70-80%
Rack Pulls - 4 x 6-8
Pullthroughs - 3 x 8-10
Hamcurls - 3 x 8-10
ABS - 3 x 8-10


Doesn't look like you have enough quad work.

Your ME day movements are all predominately posterior chain and I understand the desire to have a strong pos chain especially if you squat wide like me, but the whole package should be strong.

Toss some front squats in.

My 2 cents.


Yeah, basically just follow a Westside template and eat alot and you will be fine.

But why are you using 10x3 at 80% and calling it ME? That is not the max effort method. Just work up to a max set of 1-5 reps. Or do what you have...and don't call it something it is not, because the bar doesn't care what name you give to that day.


What Dorso said. Instead of 10x3, work up to 2 singles at 90%+ of your max, then drop and do 5-7x3 at about 80%+. This keeps more work set volume but allows you to hit the max poundage. Singles can be anywhere in the 90% range, just as long as you get 2-3 singles completed in good form.

10x3 is for hypertrophy with strength maintenance/slight gains. It is not a PL workout with hypertrophy secondary focus. It is a good program for what it does, though. Really good.


This is a fine hypertrophy program, but it is far from optimal for strength. If you're seeking gains in strength, then you need to change quite a bit of this routine.

First of all, as mentioned, you aren't going heavy enough. If you have been lifting for awhile and have adequate form, then work up to a 3 or 5RM for your ME exercises.

Secondly, your exercise selection needs some tinkering. Throw out the hamstring curl and leg press. Substitute a good morning variation for these exercises. Also, I probably wouldn't do Arnold presses as your first assistance exercise.

On speed days, your volume is a bit high. For squat, try 8-12 sets of 2, and on bench, 6-8 sets of 2-3. If you deadlift on lower body ME day, just do singles.

Getting back to not going heavy enough, if you haven't been training with heavy loads, then the type of set/rep parameters you have are OK. Ideally, though, you'd want to have a setup something like this:

ME Day:

ME exercise: work up to 3-5RM
Assistance: 3-4 sets of 3-6
Assistance: 3-4 sets of 6-8
Supplemental: 3-4 sets of 12-20

So, for a lower body day, that might look like:

Good Mornings
Rack Pulls
Reverse Hypers

Hope this helps. I'd be happy to try to answer any questions about your template.