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PL vs Weightlifting for Hypertrophy


Just out of curiosity, which tends to put on more muscle size, powerlifting or olympic style weightlifting? I know both are geared towards strength, but which, if either, happens to work better for hypertrophy?


Both involve moving things as explosively as you can, and both involve moving as much weight as you can. In that sense, they both work well.

Hypertrophy also comes from volume... and with that, it really just depends on the structure of the training and how it works with your personal physiology. Some PL programs produce more hypertrophy; some weightlifting programs produce more hypertrophy. There's not really a universal answer.

Of course, bodybuilding programs focus on hypertrophy far more than either WL or PL.


Which athlete will run faster, a baseball player or a basketball player?

Dude, you're asking about using X or Y methods in order to achieve Z goal, when X works best for getting to X and Y works best for getting to Y. Powerlifting and weightlifting are both weight class-limited sports, so you could very easily say that neither would be better for hypertrophy since you won't see major muscle growth from training like a powerlifter or an Olympic lifter unless you eat plenty (like a bodybuilder) and include plenty of accessory work (bodybuilding training).

I'd bet that most powerlifters or weightlifters would tell you the same thing. When they're trying to increase a weight class (build muscle while doing their own sport), they eat more protein and more calories and they train with more of a "bodybuilding style".