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I remember a few months back, some of the England based guys on here (Creed, I think?) were on about holding some sort of PL comp.

Did anything ever happen?

Just wondering about maybe sorting something out over the coming months. Thought it would be good to have a goal to work towards, instead of just lifting on my own in the garage all the time.

Oh well, I’m guessing not, back into the dark, dank garage then…

I don’t compete in any fed at the moment, I was just rehashing an old post, I think there were a few guys on here before talking about some sort of informal comp.

PL is all new to me, I only started this January and am still a total wuss, but I thought that with a definite goal I could get more out of my training. I’ve been following the westside principles (like numerous others now) and have been more than suprised about how much progress I have made if I’ve actually had the guts to keep going heavier.

I have a Powerlifting gym in Bham.I am always looking for new guys who want to compete.
If you can spare the time you would be welcome to visit.

Excellent, Cheers Beni, could you PM me with the details of your gym. I would definitely be interested in visiting.

Haven’t been around for a while so excuse the delay!
I think you are referring to a meet I mentioned in a post:

2005 “unequipped” British Championships
Championship Date:25th June 2005
Qualifying Date:30th April 2005
Venue: Tyseley Gym, Birmingham

It is listed on the BWLA website.

If you look in the british qualifying total section it gives the qualifying totals for entry and some contact details.