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PL Training for Master's Nats


In case anyone is interested in seeing how one 50 year old is training for the USAPL Master's Nats, I am posting my workouts for your review, comments, suggestions, criticism, etc. I'm not perfect, nor do I claim to be, but what you see here will be honest and real training juggled with 2 jobs and a family.

It's done in my garage so I train at whatever hour of the day it's convenient for me. I am not sure if I will be able to get time off from work to compete, but I will train nonetheless. If I can't go to Texas, I will do an unofficial/unsanctioned meet in my garage with 3 State/National refs with full single ply gear + belt & wraps

Week of 03/06/06
Monday - Bench Press with 2 mini blue bands 50% 1RM raw x 3reps x 9 sets with 3 grip widths - narrow x 3 sets; regular x 3 sets; wide x 3 sets. Narrow and Wide are 2 finger widths from regular grip

Incline DB Press/Power Hooks
40x8; 75x5; 90x3; 100x3; 110x3
BWx12; BW+25x5; BW+50x4; BW+75x3; BW+100x2; BW+125x1; BW+150x1; BW+175x1

Tuesday - Manta Ray Squat Raw
45x12x2; 135x10; 225x8; 315x5; 405x3
Keiser Leg Press 5 sets working until I failed with a single
Keiser Seated Leg Curl - worked up to a heavy triple

Wednesday - Standing Press Behind The Neck - 45x12x2; 70x10; 95x8; 120x5; 135x3; 160x2; 185x1 strict and 1 push press; 205x2push press both; 145x8
DB Clean & Press - 40x10; 60x10; 80x6
Bent-over lateral raises with DB and Band together - 3 sets to failure

Thursday - Deadlift - 135x8; 225x5; 315x3; 405x2; 495x1; 525x1; 475x3
Crunches with 125lb DB - 3 sets x failure

Friday - Raw BP - 45x10x2; 135x8; 185x5; 225x3; 275x1 Put on loose BP Shirt 295 x 3 long pauses
Pull-ups - BWx20; BW+50x3x3
Keiser Seated Row - work up to failure

Tentative Saturday - Squat with chains - bar+chainsx10x2; 135+chainsx8; 225+chainsx5; 315+chainsx3; 405+chains x1; 450+chainsx3x3 hopefully.

During the week I did a chain drag on Mon & Wed. Plan to jog/walk on Sunday & no lifting.


Thanks for the info... pretty cool. That's a lot of training... 6 x per week, although each session looks relatively brief. What's your weight class?


excellent art! this is the log i have been waiting for. you do a lot of movements that i can no longer do, btw. dips with weight and behind neck presses are a no-no with me for sure, lol!

keep it coming.


I am a fat 198er; I train anywhere between 195-205.


Week of 03/13/06

Monday - Floor Bench Press - worked up to failure; made 315x1; missed 325x1 twice
Slight Decline DB Triceps Extensions - 30x6; 40x6; 50x5
Green Band Triceps Pressdowns - 4-5reps x 3 sets
Roman Chair "crunches" - 20 reps x 5 sets

Tuesday - Front squat - 45x10x2; 135x8; 185x5; 225x3; 275x2; 315x1
Chain drag for 30 minutes - 15 minutes backwards/15 minutes forwards

Wednesday - Snatch - 45x10x2; 70x8; 95x5; 120x3; 135x2; 160x1
DB Clean & Press Neutral grip - 40x10; 50x10; 60x10; 70x6
Bent-over DB/Mini Band raise 15x8-10x3
Crunches on BOSU ball - 25x4


I'm training for the masters nationals in the NASA organization.My meet is the first weekend in june.I'm going to Killeen to watch the USAPL meet.My class is 181 and I'm 52.I'll post my training cycle when I have more time.Thanks for the info and TRAIN HARD!Jimmy T


Thanks for the encouragement; it means alot to me. My projected cycle takes me up to the 1st week in May. Hopefully, we will cross paths in Kileen. If I can't make the meet, I will attempt my meet lifts in my garage with 3 judges and base my next series of workouts over the Summer on those lifts.

When you see Rich Peters at the Nats, will you convey that Art Margulies said "Hi" and was "wishing him the best!"

Back to more important things, I wish you the best in your training and that it will manifest itself in PR's at the Nationals. 'Till we cross paths, best to you Jimmy.


Thursday - 1-arm semi-erect standing Press
R arm - 40x10;50x10;60x8;70x4;75x2
L arm - 40x10; 60x10; 80x5; 90x2; 110x8
DB Hang Cleans - 40x10;50x10; 60x10; 70x7
1arm DB Snatch
L arm - 40x8; 50x6; 60x3
R arm - 40x10; 50x8; 60x5; 70x4; 75x3
Crunches on floor/legs on bench - 100x6x4
Chain drag - Backwards x 15 mins & Forwards x 10 minutes


Friday - Deadlift - 135x8; 225x5; 315x3; 405x2; 495x1; 530x1; 480x3
Rack Pulls from just above Kneecap - 225x8; 315x6; 405x5; 495x3; 545x2; 585x1x2
Blue Heavy Band Pull-throughs - 8x3sets
Saturday - BP with chains - 135+chainsx8;185+chainsx6; 225+chainsx4; 275+chainsx3x3
Incline DB Press - 40x10; 90x8 90x8/mini blue band
Dips - BWx30


The workouts look awesome.My training consists of two bench days,one light and one heavy.They are on tuesday and saturday.I squat on mondays and deadlift on thursdays.I do all my assistance work on those days as well.Eight weeks out of the nationals,I will drop the 1rep max weight to 60% and increase my weight by 5% leading up to the nationals in 8 weeks.I had to cancel my trip to the East Texas Open Last month.Three of the four kids had little league activities.I lifted in the gym and broke 3 of the 4 state records in my weight class.I was 20lbs. off the bench record due to a shoulder problem.Today my shoulder is getting better,and that record will fall too!If all goes as plannsd I will total in the low to mid 1300's.Keep up the training bro.Your work outs are strong.We will achieve our goals with focus,determination, consistancy and love of the sport.From your posts you have all.My hats off to you and best of training to you.TRAIN HARD! Jimmy T


This is a two week conditioning cycle.
Squats- 3 sets x 10 x 315lbs.
Leg press- 2 sets x 10 x 500lbs.
Leg ext.- 3 sets x 10 x 140lbs.
Leg curls- 3 sets x 10 x 70lbs.
Toe raise- 3 sets x 20 x 500lbs.
Light back and bicep.
3 sets x 10 x BW chinups
3 sets x 10 x 160lbs. front lat pulldowns
hammer curls
I,ll light bench on wed. instesd of tues. due to my work schedule.Deadlifts on thurs. and heavy bench on sat.TRAIN HARD!Jimmy T


Thanks for sharing your workout(s) with us. Talk about awesome...you're surpassing most of us!

Week of: 03/20/06
Monday - Squat - 45x10x2; 135x8; 185x5; 225x3; 275x2; 315x1; 365x1WRAPS; 385x1WRAPS; 405x1WRAPS; 425x1WRAPS; 445x1WRAPS; 465x1WRAPS
Chain drag - 20 mins backwards then 10 mins forwards
Keiser Leg Press - did 5's till I couldn't get 5 anymore
Keiser Seated Leg Curl - 8-10 reps x 5 sets
Keiser Leg Extension - Started with 100 psi and increased the psi each rep until I failed with 175 psi
Donkey Calf raises ithe 125lb wife on back - 3 sets to failure
Bosu Ball Crunches with 25lb plate - 8-10 reps x 4 sets


Got back in from work a day early and light benched on tuesday.Today was deadlifts and back and bicep a day early.
lat pulls -front
3x10 200
V-bar pulldowns
E-Z bar curls
DB curls
cable curls
weighted crunches w/25lbs.3x100
hypers w/25lbs.3x25
I,ll post my bench day on sat.Keep TRAINING HARD! Jimmy T


Tuesday - Just took dogs for 1 hour walk. My legs and back weren't feeling too good so I didn't lift.
Wednesday - Hang Snatch - 95x10; 120x8; 135x5x5
Hang Clean and Press - 135x10x2; 135x7(Ran outta steam!)
Snatch grip shrugs - 135x6; 225x4; 315x2
Leg Throwdowns(Abs) - 3 sets x failure


Bench Day
close grip
Seated military press
plate raise
3x10x45lb. plate

I'll move the weight up by 10lbs.each week for the next 3 weeks,and keep the reps the same.I,ll move my squat and dead weight by 25lbs.TRAIN HARD! Jimmy T


Looking Good!!!!
Saturday - Bench Press with chains 45x10x2; 95x8; 135x6; 185x5; 225x4; 275x2x3 - all sets with approx. 24lbs chain
Lying DB Triceps Extensions - 50x5x2
Dips - BWx20; BW+25x10; BW+50x5; BW+75x3; BW+100x2x2
Sunday - RAW Squat - 45x10x2; 95x10; 135x8; 185x6; 225x5; 275x4; 315x3; 365x2; 405x1


That is a strong bench workout.Looks like your right on track for the Nationals.Due to my work schedule I have to move my training days around.
Leg press
leg ext
leg curl
seated calf raise
After my last set of squats I was ready to blow my protein shake and banana all over the power rack!You gotta love it.TRAIN HARD! Jimmy T


Your numbers both look like you are well on the way to good meets..........best of luck to you both. Hope to see ya in Killeen.





Week of 03/27/06
Monday - Deadlift(RAW) 135x8; 225x5; 315x3; 405x2; 495x1; 535x1; 485x3
Rack Pulls above knee - 225x5; 315x4; 405x3; 495x2; 545x2; 585x1
Keiser Seated Row - 6;5;4;3
Keiser Lat Pulldown - 6;4;2
Crunches with 25lb plate on forehead - 10x3 sets
Walk/Jog with dogs - 15 minutes